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Blooming Beauty

Blooming roses are the key to a young, trendy and pretty look this summer. From huge roses to little petal prints, th…


Highly Pretty

High waisted swimsuits are bringing back ancient charms. Heat up the sand this summer with those sexy pieces by your …


Fashion Backwards

How Skirts were affected by Politics, Economy and WWI!   Back in the 1900s the Gibson girl look was in, where th…


H&M Art Attack

The world’s favorite high street brand goes crazy colorful this summer. From florals to random shapes and patte…

fashion garage

Fashion Garage

When fashion, design and charity blend!   Fashion Garage is a promising fashion hub where designers and divas meet. O…

Pretty Prints 2

Pretty Prints

The Spring season is all about beautiful fusions! These pretty items will give your look an artistic identity.


Balmain Baby!

Rihanna is surely conquering the fashion business by storm! From MAC to River Island, Rihanna extended her fashion in…


Summer Micro Trends

Now that you have a good background on all the fashion trends this summer, it’s time to have a look at the litt…


Extreme Pattern Mixing

If you are a person who loves to have fun with her outfits, then pattern mixing is the thing for you! The secret to p…