5 Corona-Cautious Things to Do in Cairo

Still from 3asal Eswed

If we can identify a quality common to all Egyptian people, it would certainly have to be their creativity. This past year has been difficult, to say the least. But, despite the hardships, we’ve seen great examples of Egyptians’ sense of humor, bravery, and perseverance. We’ve also seen them come up with new (somewhat safe) ways to stay connected in the middle of a pandemic. Here are our suggestions of Corona-cautious activities to do in Cairo this weekend.

  1. Go for a Socially Distant Picnic

    Family Park
    Family Park, New Cairo
El-Azhar Park
El-Azhar Park

We may have never noticed this before Corona hit, but Cairo is actually full of green areas to picnic in! Grab your own blanket (or an outdoor chair, we don’t judge) and lunchbox and take 2 friends to El-Azhar Park in Salah Salem St., Family Park in New Cairo, Hadiqet AlTefl in Nasr City, Central Park in Madinaty, or any mosque garden in Rehab City. They’re all great spots for a chill day in the sun, God knows we need it in this weather!


  1. Toss a Ball Around a Sports Court at Your Nearest Sporting Club

Tennis ball
Tennis Ball

 Make sure to stand at a Corona-safe 2-meter distance, or better yet, play Tennis! It’s both the safest and most fashionable option. If you’re not really the athletic type, clubs have plenty of open areas to sit and drink some lemonade in (but get your own bottle and don’t share!).

  1. Go for a Bike Ride

Still From El-Lemby
Still From “El-Lemby”

Grab your bike and helmet, headphones, and a comfortable outfit and head to any of Cairo’s beautiful neighborhoods, and enjoy the ride. If you don’t already have a favorite cycling route in mind, check out Bikemap’s website for some great suggestions. If you’re looking for some company on your rides, join one of Go Bike’s cycling events. Also, If you don’t have a bike, worry not! Pdal will supply you with one (for an extra 75 EGP) when you register for their cycling events.

  1. Barbecue in Wadi Degla Protectorate

Wadi-Degla Protectorate
Wadi-Degla Protectorate

The Wadi Degla Protectorate is truly the place to become one with nature. In times of crisis, we always need to feel grounded, and what better than beautiful scenery, fascinating creatures, and some vitamin D can do just that? The protectorate has unique foxes, rabbits, deer, and bats! It’s open from 7 AM to 5 PM so make sure to prep your barbecuing earlier if you want to catch some sun. The ticket price for Egyptians is 3 EGP.  Don’t forget marshmallows! S’mores are a dessert must in this setting. Follow the protectorate’s Facebook Page for more information.

  1. Hang Out in a Parking Lot/Gas Station (Banzena)

Still from "Ghaby Menno Fih"
Still from “Ghaby Menno Fih”
2 Men sitting at a distance next to Car
People socially-distant with a parked car

Although this kind of hang-out is the lowest of low maintenance hangouts, it’s often the most relaxing. When Corona first hit, we could see small groups of people sitting on or around (or in the trunk) of their cars just being with each other, maybe listening to some music. The reason why these hangouts are so relaxing is that you really get to be with the person you’re meeting. The inevitable small talk that has to be had about the food, the café, or the activity you’re doing is eliminated and instead, you focus on genuinely catching up. Of course, we’ve witnessed the occasional intense charades game too!

While the safest option will always be to stay at home (we fully acknowledge that), it’s not really the best for our mental health. We need to see people and be around them in these scary times. But, we have to do it consciously. Yes, you still have to wear a mask, you have to maintain a 2-meter distance between you and others, and you have to wash or sanitize your hands every half-hour. We hope this ends soon, but, if we got one good thing out of this Corona pandemic, it’s new hangout ideas and a new-found appreciation for Cairo’s outdoors. For more tips on how to get through this tough time, click here.   

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