5 Common Misconceptions Newbie Fashionistas Believe

According to the Merriam-Webster definition, a fashionista is a person who designs, sells or is very interested in clothing fashions. Why, then, do we seem to be seeing plenty of “fashionistas” who don’t fit that description at all? Sadly, many of those fashionistas follow the stereotypes taught to them by films like Legally Blonde. And by doing so, they’re giving the entire world a reason to continue applying those stereotypes to them. Here is a list of misconceptions that aspiring fashionistas need to stop believing.

You must be an Airhead

Smart blondes are sick and tired of the “dumb blonde” stereotype. And do you want to know why that is still a thing they struggle with? Because some girls think it’s “cute” when they act stupid. Same goes for fashionistas who are still wet behind the ears. Our advice would be to quit doing that. The fact that you’re smart is not going to make you less sexy – God forbid! Knowing your fair share about fashion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know that the Earth revolves around the sun.

All that glitters is Gold

Subsequently, all that looks different is fashion-forward. No, not really. We’re all for thinking outside the box, but sometimes, less is more. You can have a gypsy-inspired outfit without looking like a tree. And you don’t have to look like a hobo if you’re going for a grungy look.

Books are Great Accessories

Sometimes we don’t fully understand the thought-process of young fashionistas. What could lead a girl to do the “dumb blonde” act, then bring “Phantom of the Opera” along wherever she goes? What baffles us even more is that she’s had it for months and doesn’t seem to be making any progress. Stop doing that, please. You’re only making your bag heavier.

All Fashionistas should look the same

Is it some kind of weird comradeship? We don’t know. Think fast: On your Instagram, can you tell which fashionista is which? If so, then you’re following real, experienced fashionistas. If not, however, then you’re probably following newbie fashionistas. They’re the ones that understand the need to stand out from us mortals, but not from each other. So they follow trends as if their lives depended on it. This year, it’s floral patterns, studs and turbans. They look good, but not each outfit has to have those three elements. Shake things up a little, Fashionista!

All you need is an Instagram Account

By a show of hands, does anyone take business cards with the title “Fashionista” seriously? We thought so. A fashionista needs to actually do something besides being pretty. So, if you don’t design, style or sell fashion products, the most logical thing would be to talk or write about them. You can be a fashion blogger or vlogger! Instagram alone doesn’t count, though. You want to call yourself a fashion blogger? You need to actually start a blog.


It’s sad seeing a career like Fashion Blogging being looked down upon. And it’s all due to some girls’ attitudes. Real fashion bloggers worked hard to get to where they are. So, please, don’t take it for granted. Work hard for what you want, and don’t encourage stereotypes that are not flattering.

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