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Zedified is our fabulous blogger pick for this issue. Her blog is unique, fancy and endlessly informative. She started last November and this girl pulled it together in no time. Zedified is fresh, trendy, realistic, simple and fascinating. Radwa El Ziki is the creative, photogenic fashionista behind this blog.  We were determined to get to know this girl, and what’s in her wardrobe for us. 

Favorite store? 
For high street fashion I’d have to say Zara. My favorite designer store is Balmain
Favorite online store? It’s so trendy and has the fastest shipment
Favorite trend? 
I’m a 90s girl, but I love florals. Even if it goes out of style, I’ll still wear it. It’s very feminine. 
Favorite item in closet? 
Two kimonos that my mom designed for me. They are the most precious items ever.
Favorite vintage item?
There is this Versace purse that I always carry. It’s my mom’s. She gave it to me.
Favorite fashion blogger? 
Man repeller, Mira Duma and Alia El Essiely
 Favorite celebrity?
 Jessica Alba, Kendell and Kylie Jenner recently.
Your fashion disaster moment? 
Oh, I have to go with my prom dress. It was canary yellow and all bubbled up and puffy. It just looked ridiculous.
Role model and style icon? 
My mother. She is definitely my style icon.
Most repeated item? 
My two Azza Fahmy rings, I don’t take them off.
Favorite designers? 
Balenciaga and Phillip Lim.
Prints or solids? 
Animal prints? 
A No-No for me, but I can put leopard print on from time to time.
Polka dots?  
Yes. They are so in now.
No not my color at all.
To layer or not to layer? 
Layers all the way.
Flats or heels ? 
Nice flats
Who takes the pictures? 
My sister and people at work
What does it take to be a good fashion blogger? 
Confidence, confidence and acceptance.
You also need to be alive and active on social media, in my case it would be Instgram.
Advice to all the fashion victims out there? 
Be yourself, and don’t imitate others. Have your own flavor and play with your creativity. Uniqueness is definitely the key.
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