Fashion Garage

When fashion, design and charity blend!

Fashion Garage is a promising fashion hub where designers and divas meet. Owned by Heba Serag, the young mother and entrepreneur is doing lots of efforts to escalate her small yet promising company to a successful level.
Basically is an online shopping store, divided into two departments brand new and resell items. Also recently they decided that Fashion Garage will also be a Company that hosts and organizes fashion related events in co-ordination with a charity department to raise funds for non-profitable organizations. They recently organized a successful event at City American School where designers and artists showcased their products on a sunny Friday morning with productive spirit and delicious bites.
Tell us about your recent event, what were the goals and was it fruitful in terms of charity? 
Since our website has been under reconstruction due to some technicalities, we wanted to create a buzz about the re-launch in March and also wanted to put our theory of Fashion and charity into test. It was quite fruitful as our main goal was to amass a good number of profits as Fashion Garage donated 15% from all its proceedings to charity in addition to the auction that was held at the event to help raise funds for The Ashmoun Hospital for children department. As a result of our means of contribution, we have been given an award medal by the international president of the Lions Club.
How do you select designers who join Fashion Garage? Is there a certain criteria? 
Yes, we look for quality, prices and personal signature. We want our clients to have a diverse collection to choose from. 
Some people don’t take women who work in fashion seriously, but with all bureaucracy, management and operations it’s never a walk in the park; so how do you explain the hardships you go through to them? 
Female Fashion icons and designers have always ruled the industry, starting from Madeleine Chéruit, Jeanne Paquin, Coco Chanel, Jeanne Lanvin, Valentina and Miuccia Prada; and up till today you have female leading names such as Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Viviane Westwood, Donnatella Versace and Donna Karan etc. I mean, isn’t it a women’s world?
Do you think fashion and charity should be mutually exclusive in a third world country?
Of course not, I think that both have an identity of their own and to be able to merge both one must know how to beautifully execute both most influential elements to come to benefit. 
What are the most important pillars of a fashion designer?
To Stand out and have his/her own signature and to make a mark in the fashion industry.
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