Colors, Movie Posters and Feng Shui!

An Insight to Smart Décor! 


Interior design may seem like a luxury to some. However, plenty of things can be done to make sure our household is not only prettier, but a healthier environment to live in.

Sherif Kamal is an interior designer whose work speaks for itself. Since the tender age of 8 years old his family would go to him for advice when they were redecorating. After studying civil engineering and working in that field for years. He returned to his passion. We sat down with him and got great tips for the next time we’re redecorating.


What are the biggest interior design trends these years?

Mixing different styles. Whether it be modern and classic, modern and Islamic or modern and Asian. It can’t be 50-50, though. One style needs to overcome the other or else it will look messy. What will be even trendier is vintage furniture, which will make furnishing homes a lot easier for young couples, if they get pieces from their family members and put them together.

We are all tempted to add color to our households but not all of us know how to put them together the right way and so we revert to monochrome. What would you suggest we do to overcome that?

Monochrome is trending now and will continue to do so for the next 7 years, so it is okay to use it but it has to be within one room, not the entire house or else it will be boring. If you are worried about using colors, start with earthy colors like beige and brown. Then add more colors gradually in the form of small accessories like red roses, a colorful painting, colorful cushions, throws and ashtrays, anything that can be moved to another place if it doesn’t work out right.

Feng Shui is said to be extremely important. A balanced home means a balanced life. How do we start applying it?

It starts from when the house is being built. Cardinal directions affect the activities we perform at home. A certain room built in a certain direction will affect my mental state and so the place needs to be architecturally correct. However, this is not easy to attain because most of the time we do not build our place ourselves. What we can do is counteract this negative energy by adding certain materials and accessories that attract positive energy.

What is the best sources of positive energy?

Plants. They need to be healthy, clean, green and in the residents’ line of vision, not hidden.

Any other advice to keep as much positive energy in the household as possible?

Sunlight is extremely important, so transparent curtains are essential. Aroma therapy is great as well. Scents like lavender, chamomile or jasmine will increase positive energy. Also, avoid artificial material. For example: use cotton sheets if your mattress is made of artificial material. Last but not least, heaters add positive energy if used the right way. They must be clean and cannot be close to anything that contains water because that will affect the positive energy it produces.


Décor lessons by Sherif Kamal:

Before adding vintage movie and band posters, add an accessory that compliments it, a vintage radio, telephone or guitar will make the idea pop.


The best type of plant to have in households is bamboo. Great source of positive energy and doesn’t need that much attention.


The best place for a plant to be in front of electricity outlets. They are a source of negative energy and the plant’s positive energy will counter that.


The myth of the American Kitchen will create space isn’t true. If the kitchen is messy and you can see it all the time, you will feel crammed. 

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