Gorgeous Me…

When hips don’t lie…


“Gorgeous Me” fitness competition with Body Shapers went for 45 days with 50 young ladies competing to win a money prize, a trophy and an interview in WWW. Oriana was the lucky one who spoke to us about her experience with putting a target and nailing it!

When Oriana heard about Gorgeous me, She thought it was a great idea as she was losing her motivation in daily training and exercising. She thought that she probably just needed a certain goal to achieve. Gorgeous Me came to her at the right time as she saw that the ultimate goal was not only losing weight and being skinny but looking gorgeous, changing nutrition habits, improving training routine and improving fitness level.

How did the competition affect your mind, body and soul?

I challenged myself to reach certain targets which I would never thought I would be able to achieve. I felt great and my soul was enjoying the benefits of an overall positive feeling and an improved confidence in myself.


What were the major challenges that you faced during the whole process?

The major challenge was probably related to the nutrition plan. After the competition and after realizing that I could not work on a proper nutrition plan by myself, I decided to go to a fitness nutritionist and I am now very happy about my new habits.

Do you believe that skinny women are happier and confident?

When I was younger I was absolutely convinced about that, but I definitely changed my mind. I believe you can be happier and confident only when you learn to accept yourself, as you are. Of course you can make a lot to improve your body and get a healthier and a more fit body, but you have to learn first to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

Was being skinny a goal you wanted to achieve?

I did not want to be skinny, I don´t find myself attractive when I am skinny I just want a more toned body shape.


Have you ever been on a diet before the competition?

Yes many, many times. I started to be on a diet since I was 13 years old, and I do not remember a time when I was not on a diet. I mean, at the moment I follow a balanced nutrition plan and not a strict diet like in the past, but my relationship with food is sometimes still conflictive.

In your opinion, which is more important a skinny shape or a fit yet
curvy body?

Definitely a fit and curvy body. Some women think that in order to be sexy you have to be skinny, probably because they assimilate themselves to the models we see in fashion shows. Well I guess they forget that designers use these super skinny women as models because they want to highlight only their dresses, so they need bodies that do not capture any attention.

Do you believe that inner beauty matters the most?

Of course inner beauty matters and counts, but I would not say it matters the most. I believe that also outer beauty is very important, especially for a woman and a good balance of the two should be the key to success. Feeling beautiful, inside and outside, help to improve our self-esteem, feel confident and at ease with people around us in every situation.

Tell us about your daily lifestyle after winning the competition. Are you
exercising regularly? Are you still on a diet?

After the competition I kept exercising regularly even though I lowered the intensity. I am actually doing different exercises such as Pilates, Zumba and Belly Dance instead of machine training. I follow a balanced nutrition plan and I tend to avoid junk food. I even stopped eating meat and poultry.

Do you know what women want?

Women want to be happy, In my case happiness is enjoying every single day of my life looking for the inner peace and balance while sharing important moments with family and friends. In addition to having a job which allows me to travel and get in touch with nature, meeting interesting people and sharing good moments with them. 

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