There’s No Such Thing as a “Yoga Body”

After being a yoga instructor for a few years now, I frequently come across students telling me that they are not fit enough, flexible enough, over weight, too masculine, and the list goes on. My answer is always: yoga doesn’t call for certain types of bodies; it can easily be modified to suit almost anyone. So no more excuses!

Being curvy, or plus size, is certainly not a reason to shy away from yoga. Embracing your body, and being grateful for it, is very important for a healthy life. Yoga caters to that; it’s about listening to your body, and finding exactly what it needs. There might be a few factors to look into to feel more comfortable, and to be able to maintain your practice.

Stop Comparing

First and foremost, when practicing yoga, you try to take a moment to connect with yourself, and internalize all your awareness. Do not compare yourself to the girl next to you, or the model in a magazine.

Don’t be Afraid to Modify

Depending on your body type, not all poses might be accessible to you. Finding the right modification, and maybe even skipping some poses, is completely fine. Finding your own rhythm, and listening to your body, is what yoga is about.

Identify The Type of Yoga for You

There are endless types of yoga, depending on what you are looking to get out of your practice. From simple meditation, to a slow Yin class, to a faster –more physically challenging– Ashtanga, finding a flow that you are comfortable with, and able to keep up with, is very important in maintaining long-term practice.

Find the Right Instructor

When yoga becomes a part of your daily life, finding a yoga instructor you are comfortable with and able to connect with is very important. Asking questions, seeking modifications for certain poses and being able to understand your body, are all key for a healthy practice

A yogini with an undying passion for writing!
After a major career shift she found her zen through yoga and working out.
Her motto in life; read books, save animals and do yoga!
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