Yalla Yoga

A stress-free Spectrum

What’s a better way to get rid of all your negative energy than yoga? Yoga makes you have total awareness of your emotions, be more centered, gain confidence, set goals and achieve them. These are just the mental benefits; there are physical ones, such as flexibility, strength and balance. Do you need more reasons?

Yalla Yoga is a yoga center that officially launched in September 2012, they offer almost all kinds of yoga classes, it all depends on what kind of person you are and what you want to achieve out of yoga. They also have workshops such as “Food For Thoughts” this workshop talks about how different foods can benefit and harm you, and helps those who want to become vegetarians slowly make the transition.

You would be surprised that such a peaceful, relaxing and calm place exists in busy Cairo. After classes you are free to hang out there, have a snack or a cup of tea, the environment is very welcoming. Yalla Yoga’s goal is to offer all kinds of yoga and they will be opening a vegetarian café in the next months.

We spoke to Sandra, a yoga instructor at Yalla Yoga also known as ShamaKuar (her spiritual name). “ We offer different kinds of yoga at different times of the day, for example, the morning yoga classes are designed to make you feel more energetic and fresh before work, just like a cup of coffee, it’s that effective. On the other hand our evening classes aim at making you feel relaxed and relieve stress after a long day”, Sandra explains. “In order for yoga to work, you have to be committed and do it everyday, even if it’s just some breathing exercises that you do at work or in your car”.

We asked Sandra to relate yoga to Egypt’s situation today and how it could help, “the problem in Egypt is that people point fingers and blame others for the problems, which is the easiest thing to do. Egypt is full of fear, doubt, confusion and major mistrust. Yoga will help transform your emotions by moving the energy around to make you feel better, find the cause of the problem and a solution”.We are all made up of mind, heart and soul, and in most cases it’s the mind that does all the decision-making. With yoga you’ll soon be able to put all three into action in a way most beneficial to you.

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