Yoga… Against All Odds of Physical Disabilities

A person who is very old, or sick, or excessively obese, or stiff, or who has an abnormal condition of the spine, or abnormal condition in another region of the body, may still practice yoga safely. The following routine is prescribed under the supervision of a teacher.

Hip and leg exercise: “Pavana Mukthasan” (liberated pose)

Backward bending exercise: “Bhujangasan” (cobra pose). Lying on your stomach, bring your hands under your shoulders, palms flat on the ground. Use your back muscles to raise the upper torso until the ribs are off the floor (or as far as possible). Keep your shoulders away from your ears. Breath deeply. Return your head and torso to rest on the mat. Repeat 3-4 times

Relaxation: Ten to fifteen minutes in “Sivasana” (corpse pose). Lying on your back with eyes closed, relax all your muscles.

Diet: Fast once a week; drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juices and four to five glasses of fresh water daily.

Breathing exercise: Deep breathing in lying position “sivasana” for five to ten minutes

Concentration and Meditation: Read religious or philosophical books, approximately fifteen minutes each day.

After 2-6 months of this simple practice, the student may add forward bending and balancing exercises to their practice.

* source: The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnu-devananda


Noha Sayed Alahl is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and has been practicing Yoga since 2002.



Noha Sayed Alahl is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga since 2002.


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