Think positive! Energy healing techniques that are sworn-by.

By Nayera El-Zeki

As life becomes more and more like quicksand to our souls, people have evolved to finer methods of healing that might have been considered severe in the past, but seem to be the perfect solution nowadays. Energy healing has been around for centuries, slowly proving its abilities to heal almost anything from daily struggles to midlife crises. Here’s a list of some of the most popular energy healing methods:

A small test after a theta healing session proves its validity

Theta healing: a theta healer works with a “divine force” to co-achieve healing. It strives to access the subconscious mind and dig deep to the source of beliefs that need “reprogramming”. The practitioner asks the patient to relax and go back as far as they can to when they first felt the feelings that are causing their ailment, and then replaces them with empowering beliefs, only after the patient’s consent. A test of effectiveness is used to make sure the new beliefs are installed.





The 7 Chakras and their functions

Chakra healing
: a healing method that works on nurturing the body’s seven Chakras through down-to-earth techniques, exercises and chants. It can help you overcome anxiety, achieve goals or simply have more fun.

Acupuncture: works on balancing the Chi levels within the body by placing needles through the body’s 14 meridians, or pathways for energy, to free the flow of energy through the body. People who have tried it swear by it.

placing needles in certain spots on the body detoxifies and removes chi obstructing toxins
The Celtic Weave

The Celtic Weave: founded by Donna Eden, this healing method works by combining the energies of all the Chakras. This is done by tracing the figure 8 all over the body, flowing from one chakra to another. Eden says that the Celtic Weave is an energy system intertwined all over the body, “like a cloth that weaves all energies together”, and tracing it helps tighten the weave.

Reiki: A Japanese energy healing method that bases its claims on an individual’s “Ki” or source of health that flows through and around the individual. A Reiki session consists of a practitioner applying pressure or simply hovering over the area of the patient’s body that requires more Ki. By doing so, the positive energy transfers from the practitioner to the patient and unblocks the flow.

Pranic healing: Its basic principle is cleansing the body of “dirty” energy and replacing it with Prana. It acts on the principle that a “sick” person has diseased or dirty energy, which when removed, extinguishes the source of ailment and accelerates the healing process of the body. The techniques include breathing, hand movements, meditation and energy regenerating exercises.

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