Curves: The Love-Hate Relationship!

“The biggest heartbreak is when patients undergo surgery and think it’s going to cure everything, only to watch over the next five to eight years that they’ve gained the weight back.”

A lot of women I meet during my seminars and workshops or who approach me during my personal training sessions, always express and emphasize the fear of losing their much appreciated curves when following a strict nutrition and workout program.

At the end of the day, any woman seeks to look fit, trained yet aesthetic, and without abandoning wearing their preferred T-shirt carrying the slogan “Dangerous curves ahead”. In order to reach the much aspired curved and fit aesthetic women body, women must combine following a tailored nutrition program with exercising according to a personalized training regimen.The problem isthat women would desperately try to do anything to achieve the skinny look, without looking at the bigger picture.

To start with, one has to state, that the first mistake women make in a desperate attempt to lose fat piled up and accumulated over all these years or as a result of pregnancy is to literally dive into a crash diet, and not working out. This horrendous mistake has two terrible drawbacks women will have to deal with:

a)      Following a crash diet may at first sight be the ultimate solution to losing a large chunk of weight in a very short period of time, but will also cause the loss of hard earned muscles, which will reduce the basal metabolic rate and make your body become lazy in burning calories. Even during complete rest.

b)      Not working out, while at the same time eating according to a crash diet plan, which was not tailored to your personal need, will make your body become saggy and flabby.

The explanation for this well-known and often seen phenomenon is easy and at hand. The fat and muscle tissue occupies a very specific amount of volume, which at the same time stretches the skin to a certain amount. The crash diet will cause the in differential loss of both fat and muscle. The skin will not be stretched anymore due to the loss of the supporting structure. Not working out at the same time will hinder the construction of muscles which will prevent your skin to become stretched and give you the much-awaited toned appearance. All of the above-mentioned will lead to the much feared and hated saggy and flabby appearance.

Therefore, women who want to look fitter, more aesthetic, toned and avoid e.g.”bingo arms” or “bat wings”, must follow a personalized daily activity level adjusted nutrition program, in addition to a tailored exercise regimen. Combining these two crucial items in one will minimize the possibility of becoming saggy and flabby.

However, it must be mentioned here, that exercise can strengthen and tone muscles to a certain extent, butextremely overweight individuals may also need to go under the knife to remove the excessive skin. Once done, these persons must follow their nutrition and exercise programs by the book, to prevent the relapse and weight rebound. As Dr. Suzan Obagi, associate professor of dermatology and plastic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine said, surgery is not effective without lifestyle change. “The biggest heartbreak is when patients undergo surgery and think it’s going to cure everything, only to watch over the next five to eight years that they’ve gained the weight back.”

Besides the nutrition part, comes the workout part. If you want to have a sculpted and aesthetic body, while improving your curves or maintaining them, you must couple your tailored nutrition program with a body type adjusted workout. There are several methods to categorize your body into either pear, straight, curvy or athletic or into hourglass, rounded, rectangular, diamond, triangle, and inverted triangle shape.

Each of the aforementioned body types requires a very specific workout regimen, in order to conceal the predetermined structure, and to specifically tackle the present problem areas. The aim is to camouflage these defects through the aforementioned tactics in training and nutrition and to create a visual balanced picture in the eye of the recipient.

One thing however will remain a rule of thumb in all of these body shape categories. Exercising has to include both essential workout pillars, namely aerobic/cardiovascular exercise and anaerobic/weightlifting exercise. Each of these exercise modalities has a very specific effect on the human organism in terms of improving endurance; increase fat burn and muscle gain. The intensity, volume, repetition scheme will differ from one body type to another, as using the one fits-all approach will lead to nowhere.

Doing one exercise type, while ignoring another one, will minimize the possible maximum exploitation and will delay achieving the body of your dreams.

All these tips mentioned here, will hopefully encourage women to achieve the shape of their dreams, losing fat, getting toned, without fearing the loss of the head-turning curves.

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