Roxy: The Latest Restaurant & Salad Bar in Town!

Roxy Maadi Restaurant

We all love to gather around food. It’s a language that we all know how to speak well. Nothing beats gathering with family or friends around a table of delicious meals. We also love to have fun, play around, and find somewhere comfortable to spend our time. That is why Roxy wins the lottery on all that. Roxy is the latest restaurant and salad bar in Maadi founded by the couple Riham Hemeda and Amr Bassiouni. We tried out Roxy’s charm and we don’t want anyone to miss out on its playful atmosphere and authentic recipes, so lettuce take you on a little food adventure! 

Unleash your Inner Foodie! 

Not only does Roxy understand how a good meal can change up your entire day, but it also offers a variety so you can always try new things. A menu perfect with diverse choices but not too full that you wouldn’t know what to choose. 

First off, we recommend you try the Broccoli and the Mushroom soup for a perfect start to the evening. It’s rare that one finds a place where blended mushroom soups are done just right while preserving the true delicious taste of the mushrooms, but Roxy sure knows how to do just that. The Broccoli soup is Roxy’s specialty, blended with cheese to leave you craving even more. The portions are great to share with a friend so you wouldn’t be too full! 

Roxy Maadi Restaurant

Salads & Appetizers are the way to start!

Roxy’s Special Thai salad had us looking for the next bite right away. The explosion of textures and flavors upon the first taste made us all add it to our instant favorites.

To continue this adventure, we had to dig in and try out Roxy’s egg rolls filled with delicious shredded chicken, potato mini burgers with meat cooked to perfection, and the cheese nachos with just the perfect amount of flavor and spice! 

The Main Event! 

We tried out Roxy’s rib-eye steak and it just left us wanting more. It’s not easy to find a piece of steak cooked to such medium-rare perfection, but Roxy’s surely did it again.

If you’re craving something more casual, we highly recommend Roxy’s authentic burger that gives you a flavorful experience just from the lovely taste of the meat.

Ending the Night on a Sweet Note 

As much as we didn’t want our night at Roxy’s to end, we ended it on the sweetest note with Roxy’s Strawberry french toast. With the toast’s perfect crunch and light custard filling along with the sweetness of the strawberry syrup on top, it tied all the evening’s flavors together. 

Roxy’s space is big and comfortable for big gatherings and birthdays but also calm enough to take yourself on dates. Roxy’s playful atmosphere with its boxing sandbag and Baby Foot table will surely guarantee a unique night out with friends and a loving one with family. 

Roxy Maadi

Roxy does not only offer a unique selection of authentic flavors, but it also offers a space that cares about its customers and their experience with food. 

You can check out Roxy’s menu here!

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