Meet Menna El-Sweify, Marketing Lead Mashreq at Mondelēz International!

Menna El Sweify Cadbury

Menna El Sweify’s career is nothing short of spectacular. Her ideas always come through and elevate each product, allowing it more momentum in the market and a whole lot of love in people’s hearts. In this interview, Menna El Sweify talks to us about picking “Goodness” as a platform for Cadbury. She talks about how it allows people to relish the quality and live by its value. She also talks to us about the concept behind Night Shifters, which sheds light on the security guards that protect us when our day ends. Allowing us to see what’s important and to show gratitude for the heroes that deserve it. Lastly, Menna El Sweify shares with us the challenges she faces throughout her work, showing us the highs and the lows. Menna El Sweify is a true master of her craft, and we definitely can’t wait to see what she’ll do next! 

We sat down with Menna El Sweify to know more!

Why did you pick “Goodness” as a platform for Cadbury?

“Goodness” is a global term that has been associated with Cadbury Dairy Milk and its global brand positioning. There is goodness in Cadbury Dairy Milk’s rich chocolate. In every 200gm of Cadbury Dairy Milk, there is an equivalent of a glass and a half of Milk.  That’s what makes Cadbury Dairy Milk unique, rich, and filled with goodness making it an enjoyable treat for chocolate lovers. We wanted to leverage this goodness platform by empowering our consumers to live it and spread it to the world around them. This is the core value of this campaign.

How have you been able to shape up this concept of Night shifters?

We all know or encountered “Night-shifters”. They are the night shift security guards keeping us safe, the night-dwelling doormen who chose to stay up while we sleep. These Night-shifters start their day when ours ends. They choose to spend their waking hours in silent nights and solitude just to keep life rolling.  We believe it is time to shed light on those heroes, show them gratitude, try to keep them company during these dark hours of the night, and extend the Cadbury Dairy Milk “goodness” to them.

Where do you see the consumer from this campaign?

Consumers are the heart and soul of this campaign. The campaign is built to bring consumers closer to each other and to give the chance for people to express gratitude and show goodness. We know that consumers are integral to the success of this campaign, but we also know the importance of these Night Shifters to them. Hence, we chose this campaign as a means to bring goodness to life through our consumers.

How did you manage to engage consumers to take part in this campaign?

The challenge we faced is how to truly enlighten our consumers with the Night Shifter world.

We did this through:

Creating a website where consumers register and pick their location. Upon registration, consumers will see the surrounding Night Shifters and can choose to send them encouraging messages. Cadbury Dairy Milk will respond to those messages by sending free data megabytes for these night shifters.

In addition, consumers can nominate night shifters to be added to the map as another means of spreading goodness and expressing gratitude.

How do you manage to make each campaign totally different even though you’re working with one concept, “Goodness”?

The question here is, can ‘Goodness’ be expressed by one message? Goodness represents a vast and deep concept that can be expressed differently – it’s part of life.  There are endless ways to express goodness and we are constantly aiming to deliver campaigns to bring diversity to it. Our “Night shifters” brings a new angle to extending goodness to the community.

What is the one common challenge you face during working on all of the campaigns?

It is difficult to identify one challenge when manifesting ideas related to the Goodness platform. But if I must highlight one challenge, then it’s identifying insights that are relevant to both the consumer and the brand’s purpose.

If you would describe this campaign in 3 words, what would they be?

Genuine, heartwarming, and simple. It takes a very simple act to put a smile on people’s faces.

Which stage of the campaign were you most excited about?

Seeing our consumers bring the concept to life and spreading goodness to night shifters is what truly excited us.

What trends are you currently witnessing as chocolate makers?

Consumers are appreciating more companies that ensure that their business is sustainable. At Mondelēz, we are very keen on sustainably sourcing our ingredients. Especially, essential ingredients like Cocoa and we do that through our Cocoa Life International program that focuses on sustainable farming practices and empowers Cocoa-farming communities to conserve forests around cocoa farms. We also have clear global targets to make 100% of our chocolates from 100% sustainable sourced cocoa by 2025.
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