New Year’s Resolution: Move it and Stop Procrastinating!

Procrastinators usually take ages to put down a plan and even more to stick to it and implementing it within a predetermined time frame. As this is present in almost every aspect of their lives, taking drastic and fundamental measures in nutrition and fitness to improve quality of life is not an exception, but for them it is an even a more challenging comfort-threatening act.

Procrastination is often a degree of avoidance due to conflict, difficulty, and hesitation on how to move forward. Generally speaking, people put off things they do not want to do, do not know how to do, or are not sure what the outcome will be.

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The smallest amount of procrastination in any point of this process can quickly derail the most iron-willed person, sending them scampering for the nearest quick fast food/junk food option. As athletes, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiast, and busy family members, nutrition has one of the biggest impacts on how one feel, mental and physical performance, and general health. The following few lines will show our beloved health-oriented readers how to keep the train on the rails.

One should make a plan ahead for a week or month – It does not have to be meticulously planned and complicated, but at least containing the basics, thus making sure it contains healthy and fat free food items covering all macro-and micronutrients.

Shopping trips should be planned ahead into the schedule and not as a negligible side activity – If it is not properly planned, it will not get done.

Food should be made ahead for a day or week –The world of crock pots shall be explored, cooking en masse, and freezing, and doing weekly cooking preparation. All these are valuable options which should be taken into account and implemented in order to make things easier and aspired targets more achievable.

Travel containers must be present–If there is a way to reheat food, one should try glass containers. If not, non-leaching lightweight plastic or metal should be selected.

One must buy a water bottle, which should be easy to travel with and to be taken everywhere. Hydration, especially in a country like Egypt or any other one in the Middle East, is of vital importance.

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Nutrition is just half the battle. Just as difficult as it is to stick to a tailored and balanced nutrition program, the same goes for anyone intending to follow a personalized training routine. It has been proven that, training plans built on experimenting; statistics, progressions, and a long-term approach are the most successful. However there is also the theory that the most effective exercise is the kind actually done. If the daily schedule becomes too ridged and inflexible, then one may be forced to break it. One must figure out what type of training is realistic and how it fits into the present daily routine.

The training methodology selected has to fit the following delicate equation: The goals of the person in question, time invested in training, the ability to stay consistent, the allocated budget, and last but not least, the convenience of the workout place.

So what shall be done?

One should commit to a schedule – This can be very specific with each day written down by a certified coach or loose like working out at least three times per week while on a travel schedule. This schedule should be published, and put it in a place (like the fridge door) where it will be seen every day. It should serve as a continuous reminder of the mission statement.

Training locations must be planned ahead- Is the person in question at home, traveling, or work? What is available, and convenient in each of these locations?

What about training partners? One should get a workout training partner, join a class or group, or find friends to work out with periodically to stay motivated and more important to be accountable for the claimed targets.

One should find a coach to work with, or if this is out of the budget, one should look up free online sources to help establish and modify theworkout plan. The target of these online workout plans must however be at least close to the target aspired, and matching the aerobic/anaerobic fitness level of the person in question.

Goals must be written down in order to be visualized – It is hard to stay motivated if there is no purpose. One has to make sure to know why he/she is training and keep that written down alongside the schedule.

Becoming efficient is a skill that takes effort, planning, and dedication. However, once one gets a taste of this lifestyle, they will never want to go back. Therefore on should commit to becoming the person one wants to be, achieving the goals set, and do the work required ahead of it.

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