Mental Health Awareness: 5 Online Platforms that Can Help

Mental Health

To understand one’s mental health and to give it space is to do a great service to the peace of the heart and the mind. We might not always have the means to seek proper help, but we can try to find some understanding to validate how we feel. 

Validation and reassurance can go a long way, and this is what these 5 online platforms are working towards. They are raising awareness to help people understand how they feel, and encourage them to seek help when they need it. 

O7 Therapy

O7 therapy is a researched and scientific online platform. Their advanced Matching Tool has the capacity to connect people with a set of ideal therapists. O7 Therapy has dedicated its platform, whether Instagram or their website, to discussing important well-researched topics tackling mental and emotional issues. It also hosts a podcast to further reach different audiences. O7 Therapy is a trustworthy online platform that dedicates all its online abilities to mental health, and we can’t wait to see more. 

Heal Counselling Center

Heal hosts a group of experienced therapists and its services include individual, group, and couples counseling. While always providing great professional help, Heal has also dedicated its platform on Facebook and Instagram to sharing advice, reassurance, and help for its followers. Heal is a great platform for trustworthy and professional advice. 


Lilac is an original mental health platform that provides answers based on research, professional advice, and a whole lot of love. Lilac’s bio is proof of the empathy this platform radiates. With a simple ‘Are you carrying something heavy?’ in their bio, Lilac has managed to reach the minds of 8000+ followers. Lilac hosts regular live videos with experts to talk about important topics like eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and many other stigmatized mental illnesses. It does not only raise awareness on these issues. It also has a list of trustworthy professionals that they can recommend to their followers. Lilac offers free interviews and visits to mental health professionals so they can update their list regularly too. Lilac is a safe and loving platform and its work definitely pays off. 


Wjdan Egypt is a community of young activists that aim for a better understanding of mental health. It also presents the effects of certain stereotypes on one’s identity and peace. Wjdan’s content also focuses on breaking the stereotypes around how men should act and feel. It focuses on what’s behind “Man Up” and it features many stories of how these ideas are not true. Wjdan’s content calls for so many important causes while simultaneously maintaining an Arabic and an easy to follow layout. 


Nafsak took the initiative of spreading mental health awareness to everyone that can help and it hosted its first Mental Health Awareness event “Mint your Mental Health” in July. The event included many talks by mental health professionals and advocates. Nafsak also uses its platform to ask common questions and give answers to them. It shares stories on bullying and its effects. Nafsak uses all its power to help and we love it. 

These 5 platforms are some of many that are constantly trying to help every day. We hope you find some reassurance in their content.

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