The fitness wave in Egypt, a trend that will pass or Egyptians finally became ready to move it? El Fit athletes have the answer!

Powered by Bake Family, El Fit challenge has been talk of the town lately! Julia Alexan and Khaled Monib are the movers and shakers of this big event who provoke jealousy for their amazing shape and healthy lifestyle. Julia is an athlete whose passion has always been focused on fitness and doing gymnastics as a child is what led her to where she is today. Khaled’s passion bloomed at a young age of 14 and ever since, he nurtured this passion till he became one of Egypt’s top fitness influencers. We talked to both athletes and stole some fitness tips and tricks!

Julia Alexan

“When you have a strong body you have a strong mind and soul”

Why did you choose to join el fit challenge?

El Fit is something that I wanted to try out just to challenge myself and then when I heard that there’s a team competition I thought it was a really fun idea.

Bake 7

What is the most widespread misconception about fitness?

I’m usually around people like me who love fitness, but there’s a funny one that I always hear; women keep saying they don’t want to be bulky with muscles but on the other hand they’re overweight!

How can being fit empower women?

It makes you stronger! When you have a strong body you have a strong mind and soul. It makes you more confident and makes you a better person.

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If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Is it ever too late to get fit?

No way! I saw an 80 year old man running a marathon barefoot; it’s never too late. There are different types of sports you can join if one isn’t appropriate.

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Tell us about the biggest challenge you’ve faced (physically).

I guess when I was training for my marathon. That was hard because I don’t usually like distance running. We had to train for 6-7 months starting from 5 miles and I was only running 2 miles before that.

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Khaled Monib

“If there is a will, there is a way!”

Is it ever too late for someone to get into fitness?

No, of course not. If there is a will, there is a way!

People usually think of football when you talk about sports, what could be done to change this?

There are a lot of competitions that are done, and Egyptians are excelling at many sports, but they’re just never shown on TV. They don’t get media attention. People really need to try watching something else!

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We are experiencing a fitness wave in Egypt now, do you think that this I a trend that will pass or are people really more aware and actually changing?

The fitness scene in Egypt is getting bigger every year, and something new comes up that people want to try. I think it has become a lifestyle. I go to El Gezira club and now when I go to run or train it’s actually packed compared to a few years ago when I used to be the only one.

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Is it difficult to stay fit with so many unhealthy temptations around?

I’ve been sporty since I was young; It’s a part of me now. I have my own world, so I don’t get affected by my surroundings.

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Is it easy to find healthy food in Egypt?

I personally don’t eat out a lot. I’m sure you could find something healthy if you want to.

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Tips from the athletes:

  • You could do a wall sit (3 rounds 30 seconds each) or a low plank; planks are great because they involve your whole body!
  • Do everything. Not just gym and weight lifting; you should also try cardio and body weight exercises. To actually be fit.
  • You can play around with salad a lot plus it has everything you need, proteins, vegetables, carbs and a lot more.
  • Don’t eat and go to sleep right away.

Don’t miss El Fit Fitness Festival on October 23rd and 24th in Katameya Club!




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