Fierce, Fearless and Fit!

Our Favorite 2015 Health Resolutions.




Deadlines, meetings, traffic jam and junk food are slowly killing us! Staying healthy in this day and age isn’t a piece of cake. This is not just because we’re always too busy to eat healthy and work out. There is also the fact that there is all this tempting junk food, worst of all, the snacks.


We collaborated with Bake Zone on a health and fitness initiative in which fierce, successful and above all healthy people made video Selfies of their health and fitness New Year resolutions! We were inspired by their brilliant campaign “Snack and Stay Fit” that encourages eating healthy snacks around the clock.


Bake’s wheat-based products can provide anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle with a healthier snacking option. With Bake Stix, Bake Rollz and many more, you can crunch in between meals fearless and healthier. 


 The faces of your campaign had different resolutions. Some decided to quit sugar, some will find time for sports and others will make their human flag completely straight! Popular names joined our campaign like Zap Tharwat, Karim Fahmy, Amir Allam, Sandra Shama Kaur and Sherif Nour El Din.



The entire campaign inspired us to get off our chairs, ditch our cars and dust off our running shoes. Being fit is the kind of investment we all need to make.  



Watch some of our favorite videos below:












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