Bored and Clueless? Go Padel!

Cairo kills! It’s a fact that everyone knows. It’s amazing how young entrepreneurs today are searching for other options rather than opening shisha and burger outlets. Amir El Samahy, a young man who decided to provide Egyptians with entertainment blended with health and fitness by introducing the Padel sport, a mix between tennis and squash, to Egypt.

1. Excuse our ignorance on the subject, but we have absolutely no idea what Padel is. Please enlighten us.

Padel is a sport that is sort of a mix between Tennis and Squash but it’s much less technical. It’s a Racquet sport played in Spain and Latin America.

2. So how are you guys bringing Padel to Egypt?

Mohamed Saada, Mohamed Atef and I, got together one day to discuss our options for introducing Padel to Egypt and decided that because of the social nature of the sport we should start it up in a venue that encourages socializing. In Egypt, Kattameya Heights qualifies as the best place for that plus the added bonus of positioning it as an elite sport. So we got technicians from Spain to install the courts and equipment and it took off from there.

We’re targeting mothers who drop off their children to school in the morning and have some free time to spend doing a great habit.

3. We know it’s played in groups of four, do the groups form themselves or do you guys group them?

Both. Groups can either come together, or they can use the feature from a Spanish software we’re going to be launching soon which acts as a platform for Padel players to communicate together and schedule play time. Also, we’re trying to create a base for players at Go Padel in order to create a community for the sport.

 4. Any specific target?

we’re targeting mothers who drop off their children to school in the morning and have some free time to spend doing a great habit, or seniors who need to incorporate an easy-to-play sport for good health. All you have to do is pick up a racquet, adjust your pace according to your preferences and have fun.

 5. Has there been a good demand on the sport so far?

Yes we’ve had a great turnout so far, people are really enjoying the sport and it’s becoming more popular. We have no precedents to compare with because it’s the sport’s first time in Egypt, but feedback and turnout have been so great we’re hopefully expanding soon.


Cool Padel Facts:

–          In an hour, you could burn from 400-450 calories. And that’s for the basic amateur player.

–          Padel uses gear that is similar to tennis, yet it’s so much simpler and less technical.

–          Padel is played in fours, so a group of people can hang out together and spend a little time playing a really fun game.

–          Anyone can Padel. All ages from juniors to seniors.


 For more information visit or call on 0115 900 5500



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