Vein Gym: a gym where working out never gets boring!

6 years ago, the first Vein Gym branch opened in Nasr City Cairo, inviting youngsters and fitness enthusiasts to join a world where working-out is a pleasant experience rather than a chore.

After great success in Nasr City, Vein Gym decided it was time to takeover Kattameya, and do so with a twist. Their new branch is located in an area that may seem out of place at first, but then you go up the stairs and realize it’s the perfect spot!

Not only do they have rooftop workout space, they even added mirrors around the rooftop so that the result resembles a roofless studio. Talk about a motivational place.

With qualified trainers and nutritionists available around the clock, you’ll always feel taken care of. Manager and Nutrition Specialist Tamer Farag explained to us that they’re aiming at becoming one of the top gyms in Egypt, and that’s done through customer satisfaction; yaay us!

Vein gym offers classes ranging from Insanity, Fitology, All body, Zumba and more, with some being ladies only classes.

Within the coming month of January, Vein Gym is planning their second body weight training competition, in which non-members are also welcome. Their first competition last year was sponsored by Pocari Sweat and Redbull, and prizes ranged from trophies to giveaways.

Now for the Grand finale, Vein Gym is expecting a state-of-the-art gym equipment named Synergy, to arrive by March 2015. As the first gym to acquire it in Egypt, Vein is preparing an entire room to contain the machine with which miracles are about to happen. 

For further inquiries:


call on  022 619 04 28

Located at Kattameya, Choueifat Street, 7 Stars mall.

Instagram: @Veingymfit

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