Temraza Collaborates with Engy Wegdan on “You’re as Beautiful as You are” Campaign!

Engy Wegdan

Temraza had one great year, starting from being the fashion consultant for Dior’s latest show, to constantly expanding and contributing by spreading the Egyptian identity through its work. It was only natural for Temraza to want to end the year on an even greater not. As a result, it collaborated with Egyptian actress Engy Wegdan on “You’re as Beautiful as You are” Campaign. 

What the Campaign is About

Engy Wegdan has always been a strong voice and a true pillar in the body positivity talk. She was there way before it became something people accepted and started spreading themselves. That is why everyone is so excited about her latest collaboration with Temraza. The campaign is under the name of “You’re as Beautiful as You are”, which is an initiative that Engy Wegdan herself has started years ago. 

Engy Wegdan Temraza

The campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of self-acceptance no matter your age, appearance, or anything else. This campaign is a true commentary on how bullying can truly affect one’s mental health, and lead to serious issues within one’s self perception which can lead to dangerous causes. Temraza has always been known for empowering women and empowering their stories. That is why this collaboration is important for Temraza to stress on Engy Wegdan’s message and let people know that it’s okay to be who you are in any way you want. 

The Photoshoot

Temraza specifically selected the black fitted couture jumpsuit for the photo shoot to represent luxury, sexiness, and confidence to stress more on the aim of the campaign. However, they’ve also teased another “surprise look” that will represent femininity, power, and pride, which we truly can’t wait to see on the beautiful Engy Wegdan. 

The photoshoot was done by collaborating with the amazing team:

Photography: Aisha Alshabrawy

Stylist: Marwa Abdelsamie

Jewelry: Mahmoud Elsirgany joailliers Hair: Alsagheer Salons

MUA: Tamer Ashraf

Management & production: Weego productions

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