Pole Fit Egypt – Working Out was Never this much Fun!

We’ve been hearing about the pole fit craze for a while. It’s not like we’ve been living under a rock! That’s why when we found out about Pole Fit Egypt, we were very excited. There have been plenty of success stories of women embracing their bodies, while still becoming healthier, thanks to pole dancing.

We arrived at the center located in a quiet street in Garden City on time for our class. We were greeted by the friendly staff. After having a few laughs, we were briefed by Mint about the rules and regulations of the place. Mint gave us a list of physical symptoms that should stop us from taking pole dancing classes. She then told us about the different class packages.

Now that the routine part was out of the way, it was time to start dancing! We went into the dancing room. There was so much to learn on our first day before starting. For starters, shorts were necessary for a firmer grip on the pole. We were also instructed to remove all our jewelry as to not scratch the pole. And finally, one of the most important rules was to not use lotion. Moisturizing meant that not only our skin, but also the pole, will be slippery. This could result in plenty of accidents that none of us wanted. We were advised about moisturizers that are specifically made for people who do pole fit. As well as more products which help people with sweaty palms get a better grip.

Pole Dancing 101 

Stretching is Fundamental!

Around 20 minutes into our class, we were already doing stretches and warming up. What came next made us want to make pole fit a regular part of our workout routine.

Get to know your dancing partner: The Pole

Our instructor, Mint, started by instructing us on the basics. First, we were taught how to hold the pole and move around it with ease.

No Gaps in a Great Dance Routine

Then, she taught us filler movements, the kind that should be used in the middle of a dance routine.

Fresh Beginner? Fresh Moves

Less than an hour later, she was teaching us real moves! At first, we couldn’t imagine ever repeating the things she was doing. It all looked very difficult! Still, she instructed us with lots of patience, and encouraged us to cheer one another on.

Don’t be shy and try your new choreography

By the end of our class, she had choreographed a routine using the steps she taught us. We all took turns doing the routine, and the amazing spirit which Mint started in the class really paid off.

Stay Positive

The entire class was a big ball of positivity by the time we were done. We had a great sense of accomplishment. After all, each one of us managed to actually pull off a routine although it was our first day. All those who attended the class had bonded greatly, too.


One of the best things about pole fit is that anyone can do it. Our class included women of all shapes and sizes. And they all managed to do the routine at the end. They all worked out, and felt beautiful as they did it. The place itself is very comforting and the instructors are all about positivity. We left knowing we definitely would like to make the trip back to Pole Fit again.

Check to know which class is perfect for you. Pole Fit Egypt have pilates classes using the pole, a beginner’s class as well as classes for different levels. 


Pole Fit Egypt’s Phone number: 0106 551 7134

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polefitegypt

Email: polefitegypt@gmail.com

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