Midnight Munch with No Fear of a Potential Belly!

Are you suffering from problems with midnight munching, late-night cravings and hunger pangs that do not let you sleep at night? And what could be more rewarding after a long, stressful and exhausting day than a rewarding and sweet midnight snack?

You might however regret what you have indulged on the following morning as it may deform your hard earned physique and immediately show on the scale, thus causing your heart to race and twining of consciousness to arise!

Some of the ladies reading this article might have these treats regularly – this is why it is crucial to know the consequences. Unhealthy eating rituals can make you a snack junkie, which can lead to several troubles.

Here are some tips on how to stop midnight munching:

In many cases these eating rituals occur due an unbalanced nutrition program.

Eating balanced meals and snacks throughout the day without skipping any meals would be my first advice. Some individuals blindly cut back their calorie intake in such a drastic manner during the day that they are literally starving by the time the sun goes down. Unable to limit their calorie intake at bedtime to small portions, individuals tend to fill up on high-fat snacks in addition to tending to overeat at dinner.

This way at midnight they become really hungry and eat whatever crosses their way.

To begin with, one has to clearly state, that in order for a person to avoid midnight munchies, one has to make sure to eat a balanced breakfast and lunch.  The person in question has to try to consume two-thirds of his/her total daily calorie intake before dinner. A variety of proteins and small amounts of healthy unsaturated fat, in addition to dark wholegrain carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables should be the main staple of the breakfast and lunch.  It must be mentioned here, that protein gives anyone a feeling of fullness and have a longer staying power than foods high in carbohydrates, especially refined ones. The proteins also affect the satiety center of the brain more efficiently in comparison to other macronutrients.

The more calories are ingested before bedtime and in the early hours of the day, the less possible a person is prone to overeating and midnight munching.

Before going to sleep everyone should restrict the meal to cereals and fruits. These will make the digestion work both properly and efficiently. If a workout is performed in the late hours of the day, then a grilled protein source or protein rich meal replacement must be part of the post workout meal, as it will aid in the recovery process and prevent cannibalizing of the hard earned muscle fibers.

Brushing teeth before going to bed is a must and not just a preliminary condition of oral hygiene, as after brushing their teeth, a lot of people will not be able to enjoy certain foods. Consequently, it will be a very unpleasant action to eat anything.

Some might adopt the habit of midnight munching due to a completely different reason, namely boredom.

If a person feels that he/she is bored and regards munching as an option, one has to find another activity to stay busy. Anything else besides smoking will definitely not be as harmful as eating.

There are however several things one can do while lying in the bed e.g. reading, knitting or other manual works. As a matter of fact, the best way to fight cravings is by implementing useful and entertaining habits. One has to try it for a few weeks, and the results are guaranteed.

Another method is to organize a real schedule to fill ones boring afternoons. If it is possible to find a physical workout plan suitable for the persons taste, then there is a higher possibility to have a better sleep without hunger crises.

Munching can also be triggered by stress factors. That’s why it is useful to use some stress-busters as a nice bath or yoga before going to bed.

These activities will make sure that both the body and the nervous system are relaxed and not on high alert.

One should eat foods and treats the person loves during the day. This way the possibility of having them at night will be strongly diminished.

If chocolate is the Achilles heel of the craving pattern a person is suffering from, then one should have some of it at lunch or between two meals in form of a light snack. They should never be utilized to satisfy a person’s hunger at midnight.

Last but not least, eating right before going to bed has a lot of drawbacks, as it may cause indigestion, heart burn, gastro esophageal reflux disease, which is another reason why one should avoid having midnight munches and jumping afterwards right onto the dream wagon.

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