If You Won’t Say It to Your Friend, Don’t Say It to Yourself

Positive Self Talk

The positive experiences we like to have in this world can only start when we initiate them for ourselves. Sitting in the backseat and expecting to see positive things happen in our lives without starting to work on how we see ourselves is more than challenging! Positive self-talk is key.

But how can we start a positive experience before we consciously choose to end the negative ones?

“Life is like a bicycle, the only way to stay balanced is to keep on moving”

Break the cycles that push you to negative self-talk

Do a sense-check of your routine, people you meet, places you visit, and words you hear. Which of those is giving you an experience that pushes you into self-doubt and negative self-talk?

Attempting to start positive self-talk before ending the negative self-talk cycle is like trying to fill out a bottomless cup.

So, start there! Break the cycle!

Surround yourself with positive people

Yes, it’s easier said than done but your mental health, psychological safety, and positive experiences are worth it!

Misery loves company and if we are surrounded by people who are constantly complaining and sharing negative vibes, it will be very hard for us to create any positive vibes of our own.

Give yourself consistent positive affirmations

It might sound a bit silly when you start off, but the more you do it, the more you will get used to it and it will make perfect sense. I have a sticker on my mirror that reminds me of how awesome I am every day!

You own your perspective, shift it!

It is so easy to sit there and see things from one side and get sad. But it takes courage, persistence, and perseverance to look at things from another perspective and create that shift in our experience.

Sometimes it will be hard and maybe super challenging. But it will always be worth it to continue trying to shift your mindset. The problem is that we wait for events and people to change for the better so we can change our perspective to a brighter side. However, the hard truth is that it works the other way around!

When we shift the way we see things and we start being more positive towards our challenges, people and events will either start aligning themselves with our viewpoint or move out of our way!

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