Happy feet – Tips for Beautiful Sexy Feet

We all seek smooth, beautiful feet. Especially during summer, where flip flops and feet exposure are a must. Unfortunately, we are not all so proud of our feet. We take care of our face, nails and all the parts out there and we ignore the feet. Well, let me tell you they are as prominent as your face during the summer. Taking care of your feet can be easy once you get used to it.

Beautiful skin starts from within

You need to include lots of vegetables, fruits and water in your diet.

Soak them often

Put your feet in warm water. It refreshes your feet and gets rid of all the sweat and bacteria. You can put one table spoon of olive oil to make your feel softer and smoother.

Let them breathe

Don’t ever wear the same shoes two days in row. Leave room for the sweat to dry and refresh. Let your feet breathe, take those socks off, walk barefoot and expose your feet to air.

Moisturizing tricks

The secret for beautiful moisturized skin is applying moisturizer. It can’t get any easier, ladies. For the best results, put a good share of moisturizing cream on your feet before you sleep and wear socks. Leave it till the morning and you won’t believe the result. However, remember to avoid putting moisturizer on the toe areas.

The magical pineapple or kiwi skins

Never, ever throw the skins of fruits before using them on your skin. Lemons, oranges and all fruits do us magic. Kiwi and pineapple’s skins contain bromelain which exfoliates the heels. Rub the freshly pealed part over the heels for five minutes then rinse, dry and moisture.

If you need to, shave

Sometimes we have tiny hairs growing on our feet that we fear to shave. Well, it’s safe to say that yes, we can shave them. All you need to do is wait until after you shower with warm water to get rid of them. The steam of the hot water makes the hair softer. That way you will have smoother skin for a longer time.

Remove calluses

An important part of a good foot care regimen is to remove the calluses and dead skin at least once a week. After soaking your feet in warm water for not less than 15 minutes, remove the calluses with clean utensils.

Pumice stone

Use the pumice stone to get rid of these hard cracking heels. For best results, do it three times a week after showering with warm water. Make sure you change your pumice stone every 3 months at least for effectiveness.

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