7 Egyptian female Artists you Need to know about

Egyptian female artists have been underappreciated and suppressed in the past, but when they came out they did so with a roar! Considering some dedicate their whole lives to this passion, here is a shout out to some Egyptian female artists you should be aware of!

Farahzada ElShihy


“Colors can make people happy”

A young artist, at the tender age of 20 years old, Farahzada has a lot of energy and ambition. She’s not a typical artist; her inspiration comes from music and colors. It’s what makes her stand out. Being a non conventional artist in Egypt is not easy but the key to being successful is believing in your art. She tells us, “believe that your art will make a change, no matter how small. It might affect one person in ways you can’t imagine, and it can affect generations to come”.


Amy Abd El Baky

“We all have hidden treasures inside us”z

Taking on a different style, she gives a modern interpretation of the human being, our journey and mission in life. Amy takes her art very seriously and has made it her full time job. She explains to us, “ I just feel like I’ve been endowed with a talent that’s not mine to keep, the talent was given to me to reflect onto the world because it’s going to be a catalyst or a helping hand to someone else who is looking for it”.


Hala El Sharouny


“My art is a bit scary”

Exploring the idea of women and taboos in her paintings, Hala’s paintings are not for everyone. She even tells us that herself, “I had the painting of a nude woman with a hedgehog on her leg exhibited at the Cairo Opera House. And people would look away when they pass by it. It made me laugh! “

The topic of women is very dear to her, her beliefs on the topic are strong, “Women should stop being afraid. No one should control you and your future”, she tells us.


Mahi Tarek

“Your artwork is a piece of yourself”

Her paintings roar with beauty, power and freedom! Mahi recently started working with a fashion initiative alongside her art, she tells us, “I’ve lived off of my art alone for the past 3 years. I just recently got this job because this fashion project is something I’ve always wanted to do”. As for her inspiration, it’s none other than women themselves, “I like strong empowered women. I think women are mysterious creatures so I try to show that in most of my paintings”, she says to us.


Amina Salem


“Nothing can represent beauty more than women”

Amina’s paintings are all about women! She has a unique style of using different materials and mixed media to create collages.  Each piece has its own story, but she tells us in a nutshell, “my art is all about beauty and positivity. I like painting women in general, showing empowerment and beauty”.


Hanan Ghanem




“It’s important to feed your mind and go to galleries”

She took Egypt by storm with her bold colors and captivating women’s portraits. She explains to us how it became this way, “that was the main idea from the beginning, to create something that’s very simple but expresses me as a woman”, but it didn’t start out this way, figuring out her own style wasn’t easy. She tells us how she got to it, “it took a lot of effort and I drew many classics and researched a lot until I got to a style that anyone will recognize as mine”.


Dina Samaha


“People must learn to understand and appreciate art”

The feminine and glamorous side of women is what Dina focuses on. She explains to us, “I love to highlight the beauty of women in my paintings, the real side of them that our society does not reveal”. However, she knows the struggles that artists have to go through, Dina comments to us on the subject, “the art market is not easily accessible even by the artists. A lot of people have the talent but lack the opportunity and support to display their work “

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