Fayrouz Nasser Eid “Every time a woman goes after her dreams, this empowers her and other women”

This brilliant wellness guru started her platform The Daily Crisp to raise awareness about health and wellbeing. Fayrouz Nasser Eid’s mind, body, and soul approach garnered her and her platform a loyal following. Whether she’s being a brilliant boss, exercising like a pro, eating clean, or embracing her natural curls, Fayrouz inspires many. We speak to her about wellness, Social Media, and raising boys who respect women!



Where did your passion for health and wellbeing stem from? And how has it influenced the creation of The Daily Crisp?

My passion for wellbeing started when I gained 30 KGs during my pregnancy with my first born. I started to read about nutrition and this is when I found how much passion I have for wellness. I then decided to go back to school to study Nutrition.


In the two years I was practicing being a Nutritionist, Social Media picked up in Egypt. That’s when I found a gap in the market. There wasn’t a platform that was focused on wellness with a mind, body, soul approach and was taking wellbeing with a serious coverage. That was when I decided to launch The Daily Crisp (TDC) with my partners.



Embracing a more natural approach to living can be quite empowering. Would you say women empowerment was on your agenda from the very beginning?

Every time a woman goes after her dreams or lives her life according to what she wants, this empowers her and other women. When I started TDC, I was the only employee, so when I started it was solely about wellness from a mind, body, and soul approach. Women empowerment became part of my agenda when I got a divorce. I started to face so many obstacles in our culture, in our traditions, when it came to financials and the way we live our day to day lives as women.



What were the main obstacles you faced until The Daily Crisp reached its current stature? 

Surprisingly, my biggest obstacle wasn’t knowing how to make money, my biggest obstacle was building a team. I had zero experience in managing a team. It took me a couple of years to learn how to lead a team and be able to build one I can trust and now call my family.



Would you say media is a male-dominated industry?

If you’re asking about digital media, I don’t really think that it is. Or at least I personally haven’t experienced that it is. We all now share the same resources. Everything that is available to men is also available to women. I’ve seen incredible women who are making a huge difference and creating an impact in the media.


From embracing your natural curls to trying to work-out regularly, your followers see your efforts for a healthier lifestyle on Social Media. Do you feel there is a responsibility to raise awareness about leading a natural life through Social Media? 

I feel like whoever has a public account regardless of the number of followers they have, should have a message. For me, I genuinely care about living a healthy lifestyle, so I feel that I am responsible for raising awareness about that. This is who I am and the message I chose.



Women have been working on shattering society’s expectations, and choosing the things they truly are passionate about. How do you believe we can support them?

I feel like there are a lot of ways we can support each other. Especially in the digital media, one of the most powerful ways of showing support is through collaborations. We can all share our platforms together to help each other out.


Do you believe mothers of boys have a responsibility to teach them to be kind and respectful towards women? If so, what is your approach in order to accomplish that?

Yes, I feel like boys end up treating women the same way they saw their mothers being treated. They need to see you respecting yourself. You need to show them that you’re following your dreams, are doing what you want and are living a happy life, this is key. They’ll respect you for it and in turn learn to respect the women in their lives. This is something you can’t just teach; you have to live it.

I accomplish this by also telling my kids a lot about my life, they now know they can ask me anything and tell me anything because I am keen on letting them into my life. They learn from me how to go after what they want and how to live a life respecting themselves and those around them regardless of their gender.


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