Can’t Afford the Gym This Month? Check Out These Workout Tips If You Are Broke.

We all want to be fit, but it comes at a cost. Having a healthy lifestyle involves expensive gyms, expensive healthy food and expensive spas. Basically, everything health-related is bound to be expensive, especially here in Egypt. So here are some tips on how to get in shape for free!


Use the Streets

Use the Streets

We know that jogging around Cairo isn’t the best or the safest option, especially for women. However, there are certain areas that provide paved sidewalks and a secure environment. In Heliopolis you can jog by The Military Academy and in Maadi you can use the CAC roundabout.


Let YouTube be your Yoga Instructor


The price for a yoga class has gone over the top these days. Why pay so much money to relax? Wouldn’t the expenses stress you out even more? Many yoga YouTubers have videos for beginners that will do the trick. All you’ll need is a laptop and a yoga mat! Keep it basic and make sure you don’t hurt yourself.


Chop up your Own Salad

After a great workout, eating a healthy yet filling salad makes sense, but not when you have to pay LE 70 for it. Go to your local grocery store and grab your favorite veggies, cut them up, add yesterday’s leftover meat or chicken (if not available, use boiled eggs) and some yogurt dressing. You’re good to go.


DIY Steam Room

Steam bath

Create your own steam room at home. After a workout you want to relax, clean your pores and unwind. So here’s how you do it: First, make sure your bathroom is cold. Then close all windows and the door. Also, put a damp towel under the door to prevent any heat or steam from escaping. In the shower, close the drain and open the hot water tap and let it run. You can sit on the toilet or at the edge of the tub and soak up the steam. Make sure to drink lots of water afterwards to compensate the water you’ve lost in the steam room.


Use your Techology


There are many apps out there that will help you get a quick workout with whatever equipment you have. There are even some apps that give you intense workouts in short time. You don’t need to pay a fortune for a personal trainer! Try 7 Minute Workout, Zombies Run, or the LiveStrong App.

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