90s Worst Fashion Crimes

Over the centuries, humankind has committed some mistakes, ones for which we all somewhat feel guilty and embarrassed. Wars, genocides, and whatever this is. Above all, we still cannot comprehend how our collective sense of style was completely obliterated back in the 1990s. It’s like we were all hypnotized and convinced that jelly shoes were cute and plastic chokers were badass. Here’s a list of the most appalling fashion crimes we’ve all committed in the 90s:


1 – Platform Shoes

Those babies were designed to make you fall over. We can all blame the Spice Girls for making those popular. 


2 –  Hologram Necklaces

Those “grungy” necklaces were popular for a short while. They’ve run their course and now hold a place in our “Creepy 90s Items” Hall of Honor, but it’s nowhere near as creepy as…


3 – Troll Earrings 

Why? Why would anyone wear those? Why did almost all of us do that? Those little spawns of the Devil where everywhere! Is it because they’re colorful? If so, this explains…


4 – Slap-on Bracelets

Then again, maybe those were popular because secretly we’re all masochists. And this explains…


5 – Plastic Chokers

90s Grunge was a very… interesting subculture, indeed. It gave us more gems like…


6 – Plastic Headbands

You know. They’re the ones that made your hair look like this:

No one ever explained to us why anyone would want their hair to look like this, but some things are probably better left untold. When girls weren’t slicking their hair back like any proper James Bond Villain, they were counteracting that effect with butterflies!


7 – Butterfly Hair Clips

Which pulled out most of your hair when you took them off. We also, occasionally, reverted back to childhood…


8 – Plastic Bunny Hair Clips

Bunnies, duckies, sheep, Teddy bears… you name it! This wasn’t even the worst of it.


9 – Pacifier Necklaces

What kind of message were we sending with these necklaces?


10 – Jelly Sandals

Jelly shoes. True, they were light and comfortable, but they were never an adult’s footwear.

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