5 Activities for a Fun-Filled Weekend

5 Activities for a fun-filled Weekend

The weekend comes and goes and our excitement for it never leaves. Maybe it’s the rest from the week’s work, the possibility of endless sleep for two days, or the excitement of trying out something new. For that, here’s a list of spots where you can try out exciting activities with your friends!

  1. AutoVroom

We all remember being 9 years old and the excitement that filled us to drive arcade cars with our friends. Now, AutoVroom provides the same adrenaline rush and a much more fun experience as the first international professional racing track in Cairo. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we guarantee you will have the most fun you’ve had in a while, and don’t worry, all the safety measures are taken to ensure maximum fun!

The track is located in the heart of Obour at Avenue Mall. It’s available from Saturday to Wednesday from 2 PM until 11 PM, and Thursday and Friday from 2 PM until 12 AM. For more information, you can DM AutoVroom here.

  1. Zamalek Kayak

We’re all no strangers when it comes to Kayaking in Cairo. Zamalek Kayak ensures you get the best kayaking experience, being the only Kayaking club in Zamalek. If you’re looking for a serene experience to enjoy by yourself or share with someone over a beautiful morning, this is definitely it!

You can call them up anytime for reservations on 01229117114 – 01117830801 with a ticket price of 150 LE per hour!

  1. Ascent Egypt

Being Egypt’s biggest indoor climbing facility, Ascent Egypt will make all your rock-climbing dreams come true. All you have to do is go and the fun just begins.

Located in Eden Mall in Sheikh Zayed with working hours every day from 11 AM until 11 PM, you won’t need any reservations. All you have to do is walk in. For more information on the packages and prices visit here.

  1. High Ropes, Zipline Egypt

You can find the whole package of Adrenaline rushing activities at High Ropes Egypt, but we’re especially here for the ziplining! Being an activity that spikes up the energy and awakens the adventurer in all of us, ziplining at High Ropes is guaranteed to make you feel all that weekend excitement.

For more information on reservations, prices, and location, check here or send a message on ​​01020511597.

5. MonZoo Egypt

For a more relaxed but equally fun activity, a petting zoo is the fun educational visit we all need. MonZoo is a natural environment that allows you to exist between beautiful animals and learn about them. It can make a beautiful day trip for a little change.

Located in Ahmed Orabi, Obour with working hours from 11 AM until 7 pm, you won’t need any reservations to visit MonZoo. For more information contact 01287002333 – 01287002444 or send a message here.

This list will certainly freshen you up for the week ahead, we could all use an adrenaline spike and a dose of nature from time to time. Whichever one you go for; we wish you a weekend of fun!

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