5 Breakfast Spots for the Perfect Start to the Weekend

5 Breakfast Spots for the Perfect Start to the Weekend

The Weekday routine can often feel stiflingly mundane and repetitive. We go to work, we go home and the next day is the same, and on the cycle goes. With this list, we’re introducing bright and comfy breakfast spots to add ​​just the splash of excitement you need to get you going for the next week!

  1. Willow’s

Arkan Plaza’s Willow’s is just one of the mouth-watering breakfast spots with an elegant presentation and a sunshine-filled setting. Make sure to head over there with your favorite people and we guarantee a beautiful morning.

  1. Felfela

Felfela You can find Felfela in the very heart of greater Cairo in Bab Al Louq. With its beautiful vintage decorations and authentic Egyptian plates, Felfela has been the spot for people’s oriental food cravings since 1959. Its unique interior will transport you to the past in the best way possible.

  1. Ratios Bakery

Ratios Breakfast Sport at Maadi

Who wouldn’t want to start their day with good and delicious Pastries?

Ratios, as its name represents, is a balance between all ingredients to bring out the perfect bread and pastries, and it’s right there between the beautiful streets of Maadi. They say that “ratios” are the foundation of any good bread” and we say that Ratios is the foundation for good breakfast mornings.

  1. Lucille’s

If you’re looking for that one full American breakfast to satisfy that craving, look no more and head to Lucille’s! Its minimalistic feel and authentic range of homemade goods are just the right starts for any day.

  1. Jared’s Bagels

Jared's Bagel Breakfast spotBagels are the perfect merge between quick and delicious, and if you are looking for both then Jared’s Bagels is just the perfect destination for breakfast, a lunch snack, or (we won’t judge) even dinner!

Here’s a toast for all the lovely mornings you are going to have. Enjoy your breakfasts!

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