Fashion After Forty: How Nehad El Swefy Makes Clothes

When she used to go shop­ping for clothes, she would find all the nice designs catering to the young­sters, leaving the older ages with very limited choices. Refusing to settle and let go of her fashion obsession, the then forty-nine­-year-old Nehad El Sewefy decided to launch her own local brand, selling creative designs online and…

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Nile River Scene, 1852 Watercolor on paper Works on Paper
El Naddaha: The Wickedly Beautiful Siren

There is nothing more enchanting than forbidden beauty, the type of beauty wrapped in the magic of mystery. It consumes you, forcing you to get closer. With every step you take, you know you are inching closer and closer to death. But this will not stop you from running toward it. A myth that is…

Old Palestine
History & Names: How Palestinian Names Reflect Their Identity? 

Names represent immense power. They shape personal identity and serve as a reflection of the collective heritage, culture, and values. For Palestinians, choosing a name for their children is a task that carries a deep significance. To truly grasp the power of Palestinian names, it is vital to understand the historical and cultural context. The…

A Year Of New Years: When Different Cultures Celebrate New Year?

The New Year marks the beginning of goals, aspirations, and opportunities. While the majority of the world rings in the New Year on January 1st, many cultures celebrate the beginning of a new year on different dates. Through these diverse festivities, we can get a glimpse into the rich and unique global culture. Here is…

Lies Debunked: Palestinian Life Before The Nakba

“A land without a people for a people without a land” A phrase used to deny and wipe away The Nakba, the horrendous displacements of natives from their land. The land which they have shared with their ancestors. The land that gave them olive trees, oranges, and watermelons. How can a land without people have…

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