Zalia: Modest Fashion all the Way from Singapore

Fashion has been witnessing a lot of experimentation, innovation, and a general surge of creativity recently. Everywhere we look someone is re-inventing old concepts or coming up with new ones altogether.

Zalia 6

Modest fashion has been gaining popularity recently, with some designers taking it upon themselves to produce fashion forward, trendy designs that suit Muslim women. In comes Zalia, a line produced by the South East Asia online fashion retailer Zalora.

zalia 5zalia 4

The line includes many gorgeous pieces that all suit pretty much everyone, especially women who want to maintain a modest look.

zalia 2

The fashion offered in the Zalia collection doesn’t require any additions in the form of cardigans, tights, or long-sleeve tops to keep it modest.

Zalia 7

Any of the outfits offered can be suitable for veiled women, all they’d need to add is a scarf.

zalia 3

While maintaining a light-weight look to them, and a very elegant air that would suit any woman, Muslim or not. We’re definitely looking forward to more elegant creations that cater to all women!

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