Your Guide to Traveling Pregnant!

Do’s and Don’ts


First of all, I wanted to address the myth that pregnant women can’t travel. That is completely incorrect: if you take the proper precautions recommended by your doctor, are armed with the apt information on when to travel, what medicines to bring along and what vaccinations you need to take, you can travel well into your pregnancy with no problem at all.

Here are some tips on what to do when you’re pregnant and want to take a trip:

Talk to your doctor first- consult him on whether or not you should take the trip, mapping out what you plan to do and every single detail. Bring a copy of your pre-natal records along with you just in case you need them.


If you’re travelling by airplane, call and request a seat near to the bathrooms- at the front or back of the plane. Pregnant women often need the bathroom more and keeping close to the bathrooms will allow you peace of mind and deter any possible emergencies.


Drink loads of water while travelling to keep you and your baby hydrated. Because you’re carrying a mini me inside of you, you need to drink more water while travelling to get all the good H20 flowing through your body and keeping you healthy and hydrated!  Avoid caffeine at all costs.


Wear several layers. When you’re pregnant and travelling, you tend to be more sensitive than others to hotter and colder situations. Dress in layers so that you can take off or put on something whenever you feel the need to. Stay comfy and fashionable at the same time.


Stick to the second trimester if you can for your trip. This is to avoid the initial pregnancy symptoms like excessive morning sickness and to also make sure that you aren’t that heavy- which will make moving around (which travel needs) difficult and tiresome both for you and for your family.


Keep your hand luggage light! Don’t go bringing a million things with you. All you need is your bottle of water, a good book and your iPod. You’re already carrying extra weight on your stomach so unless you’re going to have your man lug your stuff around, save yourself the hassle and pack light.


Bring loads and loads of snacks! Being pregnant, you know about the cravings. Take along snacks that can satisfy your cravings like nuts, fruit, crackers. Try to keep them healthy so you don’t pile on a lot of extra weight, but there’s no harm in bringing along a single bar of chocolate happiness!


Take a short walk every two hours. Whether you’re travelling by plane, by bus or by car, take a brief walk once every 120 min to avoid leg cramps. If you’re going by car, just have your hubby stop the car at a rest station and give your legs some solace. Same goes for the bus which probably schedules rests every 2 hours anyway. By plane, you can just walk up and down the aisle, taking care not to bump into any flight matrons of course… Try to do some stretches in your seat as well.


Take your favorite pillow along. The most important thing while being pregnant is being comfortable so that you and your baby can be at ease and be the healthiest you can. Bringing along a little piece of home can give you a little extra serenity. Whether your propping it up behind you in your car or you’re leaning on it on the airplane, your fave little pillow can brighten up your day and make travel easier!


Wear your seatbelt low around your pelvis as not to harm your baby bump. This will keep away most discomfort that can come from putting something close to your stomach for a long period of time and make you feel a million times more comfortable than strapping it on normally.

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