WWW Picks For the 2nd Edition of the Red Sea Film Festival! 

Red Sea Film Festival

“Film Is Everything.”  That is the main motto for this year’s 2nd edition of the Red Sea Film Festival, where films from all over the world are celebrated. The RSFF is special because it bridges the cultural gap in the film industry. It introduces Arab and Saudi cinema and gives them the voice they both deserve. Moreover, the Red Sea Film Festival, in this edition, is introducing films in more than 35 languages, further sharing the universality of cinema with the international audience. 

So, we made our own list of movies that we’re so excited to see at RSFF. Here are some of our picks for the 2nd edition! 


Directed by Yasmine Benkiran 

Queens follows two women and a young girl who’s fixated on djinn and witches across the desert in search of freedom. Queens is a journey of women and for women, it is taking the baton from Thelma & Louise in the Arab world. It is about womanhood in every sense and it is also about the glories of the Moroccan Atlas. Queens was selected to close Venice Critics’ Week and it’s supported by the Red Sea Fund. We can’t wait to catch it at RSFF this year. 

Bones and All 

Directed by Luca Guadagnino

Bones and All follows young Maren and Lee; two young cannibals who fall in love with each other. We will see them as they embark on a 3000-mile journey through America. As the young couple gets to know each other, their terrifying pasts will also come running towards them. Is their love too strong to survive the truth? 

A Gaza Weekend

Directed by Basel Khalil

A Gaza Weekend is a Birtish-Palestinian comedy film. The story follows a British journalist who tries to escape Israel after the UN imposes a ban after the spread of a virus. He wants to get to Gaza because at that moment Gaza is considered “the safest place in the region”. Basil Khalil, with this film, delivers a brilliant satire that is just perfect to watch. 

All Roads Lead to Rome

Directed by Lara Saba 

All Roads Lead to Rome is a satirical romantic comedy about a famous young actor who decided to break free from the shackles of his ongoing tv role to try out something new. When he’s asked to audition for the role of a young pope, he decides to head to the country to prepar himself where he almost avoids hitting a cyclist called Celine. A meet-cute? Guess that’s what we’re going to find out.

King of the Ring 

Directed by Mohamed Saeed Harib 

The film follows the story of Musaab; a big man with big dreams. Musaab wants to become wrestling champion and make his family proud, it’s all he has ever dreamed of. However, Musaab’s mom only wants him to get married and get out of the house. That is when Musaab gets the chance to be in the ring with a wrestling champion, he thinks it’s his only chance to make his dreams come true. A passionate sports story is always a good story and we can’t wait to see what Musaab is up to. 

Al Khallat+ 

Directed by Fahd Alammari 

AlKhallat+ is a collection of stories about trickery and social deception set in four different places. With brilliance and a wittiness that only AlKhallat+ can show in true fashion, it manages to follow the stories of four people while they use a few tricks to get themselves out of a situation. Will they succeed? We will have to find out.

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