WWW Picks for the 44th Edition of Cairo International Film Festival! 

Cairo international film festival

Every year, we get to celebrate film and filmmakers through a very special event; Cairo International Film Festival. We get to explore a true side of cinema, one that hands you different experiences and stories from all over the world. We get to witness people, who are just like us, experience life in completely different ways. So, Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) in its 44th edition is coming at us strong with all the selected films this year. 

Here are some of our favorite picks! 

The Fabelmans 

You can never go wrong with the opening film. Directed by Stephen Spielberg, The Fabelmans is an ode to his childhood. It is a story of when Spielberg himself, fell in love with movies. 

Cairo international film festival CIFF

The Choice 

Directed by the one and only Youssef Chahine, CIFF is screening the restored copy of the late director’s film The Choice. The Choice follows the story of Sayyid, whose twin brother Mahmoud, a worker on Alexandria’s waterfront, is found murdered. Sayyid who is a well-respected writer now becomes the prime suspect in his brother’s case.

For decades, Youssef Chahine’s work has been a true mark in Egyptian cinema, and now, you can re-familiarize yourself with his greatness at this year’s edition of CIFF. 

Youssef Chahine CIFF

Far From the Nile 

Far From the Nile is the latest documentary by the Egyptian American director Sherief Elkatsha. In this documentary, Elkatsha follows 12 musicians from 7 different countries across their journey to fuse their musical styles. It is a story of rhythm, passion, and unending love for culture and music. 

Far from the nile


Directed by Ahmed Abdalla, the film follows the story of a doorman who guards an abandoned villa. Then, he is faced with a challenging situation with someone who lives across from him on the opposite street. Ahmed Abdalla’s films always have a sense of individuality, a togetherness that you can only see within his carefully chosen characters. We can’t wait to watch 19B to see what it will bring us in that sense. 


My Girl Friend 

My Girl Friend is the latest short film by director Kawthar Younis. In this film, we follow two lovers who make a risky decision so they can spend time together. My Girl Friend has been grabbing attention left and right. It is an authentic true story of young innocent love. 

My Girl Friend Kawthar Younis


Directed by Naji Ismail, the short film follows the story of a 21-year-old girl and her brother. In the film, she hides a terrifying secret to protect herself and her brother. 

Mama Mai ElGhety

The Interview

Directed by Hend Metwalli, The Interview follows Nadia, who has an important job interview that will define the course of her career. Nadia needs to choose between going to the interview or taking care of her mother who suffers from suicidal depression. The interview is a raw and honest depiction of mental illness, shown through a character and an age range that we don’t often find admitting of depression. 

The Interview ciff

Hamza: Chasing The Ghost Chasing Me

Directed by Ward Kayyal, the film follows the story of Hamza who after his release from Israeli prison, sets to follow his ritual to chase the lion that the villagers don’t believe exists. It is an honest and moving story that we can’t wait to see on screen. 

Hamza Chasing the ghost chasing me movie

THE Swimmers

THE Swimmer by Sally EL Hosaini follows the story of two sisters from Syria. The story is about their journey to the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics swimming team. It is a story of true passion and wholehearted tries. 

The swimmers movie

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