Wheelers: Beyond Borders from Egypt to Jordan!

Cycling is one of the best things to do. It’s fun, it’s a great exercise and it’s a healthy means of transportation that won’t pollute the environment. Keeping this in mind, Wheelers – a group of cyclers who go on regular bicycle trips together – decided to take a trip from Egypt to Jordan on bicycles!
“It came to our attention that we need to have trips in Egypt that promote tourism”, says Sara Farouk from Wheelers’ team tells, “we figured Sinai is the place we should start promoting. We crossed borders to Jordan after passing by each touristic city starting from Cairo.” She adds.
One might first think that this trip requires a certain physique, but everyone was welcome to join, “there was no criteria for the participants other than people who were adventurous and wanted to do something different to support the country”, Sara tells, “we announced it last October. And the people who registered went through hard trainings to be able to cycle 900km over 8 days”. According to Sara, not everything went as planned, “the event was over a week but due to security issues, we couldn’t camp”, Sara says.
This kind of activity is growing in popularity in Egypt. The spirit of comradeship is quite contagious apparently, “the energy in our community is amazing. We started off as a small group and now we grew into one big family by all means”, Sara tells, “it’s not just sports, but a truly amazing group of friends”.
Although Wheelers’ popularity grew quickly, there were some difficulties, “building a community is not easy. We are not an athletic nation by nature and endorsing an activity that’s not very common was a challenge. However, we now have a community that looks forward to an early event every Friday before family engagements!” she explains.
All in all, Wheelers’ road trip from Egypt to Jordan must have done a huge impact on everyone who joined, “this was one hell of an experience for all participants. Who would’ve thought that we can get a group of people to get on bikes, cycle all the way to another country and cross borders just to support a cause?” Sara says.
“Wheelers is nothing without each and every dedicated participant. They made our dream come true. This is a lifetime achievement”, she concludes.
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