Three sisters write cooking book as Sadaka Garya for their mother

Three sisters write cooking book as Sadaka Garya for their mother- What Women Want

Nothing can top a home cooked meal prepared by your mother. This might sound cheesy, but it’s not a lie when they say that “love” is always the secret ingredient. After their mother passed away, the Kholousy sisters, Shahinaz, Farida and Shereen have decided to share her special recipes with the world through Mummy’s Cookbook page on social media.

“We created this page to keep our mother’s memory alive, and pass down her recipes as knowledge for others to use and of course pray for her” Shereen says. The page also provides savvy and easy tips on how to store food and add more flavor to your dish.  

“Our mother was a great cook and she wanted to leave something behind for her girls and grandchildren, but she never had the time to fulfill this dream” Shereen explains. The three daughters decided to make their mother’s dream a reality and combine all the recipes she has collected over the years in a cookbook, that is expected to be out before the Holy month of Ramadan. The book will be a Sadaka Garya for their mother, a type of an ongoing charitable deed.

All three sisters agree that their mom’s Bechamel is like no other, “I have always had a special connection with my mother’s chicken pie recipe, it’s absolutely my favorite and I love to cook it as well” Farida says.

With Mother’s Day approaching why not make your mom’s day special and cook her a homemade meal. Believe it or not, it is easier than you think, just follow Farida’s instructions! Farida and her sisters visited us in our studio and prepared this mouthwatering chicken pie recipe.


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