The Talent of Trendsetting

The 6 Fashion Gods of Planet Earth


The Little Black Dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Remember that dreamy opening scene in the movie where Audrey Hepburn stands in front of Tiffany and Co window? We all have that scene engraved in our minds for some beautiful reason. The black dress she was wearing was by Givenchy who is considered the inventor of The Little Black Dress. That dress was sold for 930,000 $ and it is considered to be the God father of all black dresses. The  LBD never went out of fashion.

Leather Jacket by Marlon Brando (1953)

This piece is epic! The leather jacket made its first appearance in “The Wild One” film on Marlon Brando. It’s that edgy rebellious comfy look that we all seek which looked effortlessly comfy on him.

White T-shirts by James Dean (1955)

Ladies and Gentlemen you know that white t-shirt that we all have in our closets? And no matter when the trends are In or Out that white T-shirt is always worn? Well, thanks to James Dean who created this look by being a screen pioneer with a white a T-shirt as an act of rebellion. From wearing blazers and structured tops to wearing a practical, and simple white T-shirt “Rebel without a Cause” James Dean’s first movie was an eternal trend setter. Surprisingly, the white T-shirt price escalated since the frenzy demand for the first time in history.

Wooden Clogs in Grease (1978)

Those Wooden Clogs which are now In, were first created in the movie Grease. In the late 70s people couldn’t afford to buy leather for shoes so they went for wood. People went for those wooden clogs immediately after watching the movie; both men and women perfected their looks with them. The costume designer never thought that this item would become popular; they used Cadies clogs which made her a prominent trendsetter, isn’t she lucky?

White pleated dress by Marilyn Monroe (1955)

Marilyn’s white flowy dress that we love from that infamous scene in the movie “The Seven Year Itch”   where the dress blows upwards from the subway vent.  That dress was designed by William Travilla. This iconic dress was a bomb, all of the women back then owned one that looked exactly like it! It was the first time to the world to see silk pleats without any layers beneath and of course that timeless neckline. This design was over sued and still we can’t get enough of this beautiful deign.

Leggings by Flash Dance (1983)

Big cropped tops and leggings are here because of that movie how great is that? It may seem as if cropped tops and leggings were invented yesterday but it all goes back to the 80s, Madonna’s era where people lived in the gym and wore sportswear from head to toe anywhere. This look wasn’t only at the gym but it was all over the world! Big messy hair, leg warmers and huge colorful accessories were all trendy. Life was in bright colors back then. So those leggings that we can’t live without today were born in the 80s ladies!


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