The Healing Powers of Thai Yoga Massage

Yoga massage is an ancient healing art based on the principles of yoga philosophy. As in Hatha Yoga, the primary aim is to balance the solar and lunar energies in the central energetic channel of SushumnaNadi and to provide an opportunity for spiritual growth!

Through a combination of acupressure and applied yoga, the practitioner uses the physical body as a tool to access the subtle bodies, in order to bring physical, mental, and spiritual healing and balance. Thai yoga massage uses no oils and is delivered with the receiver fully clothed.

Massage is commonly used to induce general relaxation, so that any tension or strain experienced in the rush of daily life can be eased and eliminated. It is found to be very effective, working on the mind as well as the body.

There is an opportunity to learn to give a holistic massage that can benefit your family and friends.  International teachers are offering a 10 day course in Sinai in July 2014. This beginner level course will provide you with basic knowledge and hands on experience of this ancient healing art. Contact me for further details.


Noha Sayed Alahl is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and has been practicing Yoga since 2002.

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