The Egyptian IVF Center: Starting the Talk of Egg Freezing in Egypt

Egyptian IVF Center

Women feel a lot of pressure to have kids early. Some women feel like they want to plan their lives before taking this major decision. Some women have their own health struggles and medical reasons to not have kids at the moment, and some women are simply not ready. All reasons are valid and no family should ever feel the need to have kids when they’re not ready. However, there’s a lot of pressure women experience when it comes to the decision of having kids. They feel threatened by time and anxious that it might be too late. Now, The Egyptian IVF Center says this doesn’t have to be the case at all.

Starting the Talk

The Egyptian IVF Center (EIVFC) is assuring women that Egg Freezing is safe and is supported by pioneers in the field in Egypt and the Middle East. Egg freezing allows women to preserve their fertility so they can have the freedom to start a family whenever they want to. It gives women the choice and the opportunity of time as well. There’s no specific timing on when to use the frozen eggs, they can be frozen for more than ten years.

Being one of the leaders and the first in the field to introduce Egg Freezing to Egypt and always maintaining their title of being the number one facility with high success rate for 35 years, the Egyptian IVF Center has dedicated its powers to reassure and educate women about Egg Freezing and its benefits to them, simultaneously breaking the fear and the stigma that surrounds the topic one important step at a time.

Egg Freezing isn’t only a process that can allow women to rest and plan their lives according to their needs, but it’s also a simple procedure that is safe and doesn’t require much time.

How it works…

The process involves stimulating the ovaries with hormones to produce multiple eggs in one cycle. Then, retrieving the eggs from the ovaries and taking them to the lab. The eggs will be treated in the laboratory to be stored in liquid nitrogen where they can be safely preserved for many years. The procedure is also transabdominal, meaning that it’s performed through the abdomen, safe from any risk to all women. The process is confidential, easy, safe, and leaves no traces on the body.

Where to go… 

Egg Freezing has been a topic people have been afraid to start, but The Egyptian IVF Center (EIVFC) made it much easier through the years. It has been the first and leading medical facility that offers infertility treatment in Egypt since 1986. It has dedicated its efforts on ground and through their social media to not only provide their services but to also raise awareness and break the stigma over topics like Egg Freezing in Egypt and the Middle East.

Today isn’t just the time for breaking the stigma. It’s also the time for women to start feeling comfortable enough to voice their concerns when they’re not ready. It is time for women to not be shamed into important life decisions. It is the time for women to trust their own instincts and do what is best for them and for their families. Now is the time to start the talk and the Egyptian IVF Center is taking the lead.

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