Sunshine or rain, Yoga is never in vain!

By Nayera El-Zeki

On a day that started out looking dark, rainy and gloomy, Oysho in collaboration with Yalla Yoga hosted an invent centering on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through detoxifying and practicing yoga, and in celebration of Oysho’s latest gym wear collection.

We arrived at JW Marriott Cairo Hotel at 10:00 am along with a select group of media personnel and fashion bloggers where we gathered around and got more acquainted with one another.

Despite the inadequate weather, Yalla Yoga’s Sandra Shama Kaur commenced with great enthusiasm and spirit that she eventually got the whole group warm enough to enjoy the intense workout. A series of chanting, followed by some unconventional detoxifying positions of Kundalini Yoga and of course some deep meditation left the group feeling warm, refreshed and strangely at peace with whatever weather conditions in the surroundings.

Next we gathered around Shama Kaur after grabbing some tea, and we started an incredibly informative conversation about the reasons why detoxifying is important, the signs and symptoms of having too many toxins in the body and ways to make detoxifying simple to keep up with. Sandra even told us to stop counting calories as long as we’re making the correct healthy choices!

We went on to discuss how to make sure you have the resources or raw materials you need in order to make more conscious choices, and concluded that almost everything can be homemade. Take flour for instance, if you’re willing to cut out flour from your diet, why not replace it with a healthy alternative by making your own surprisingly simple almond flour?

After talking our hearts out, we headed to a fully stocked vegetable counter where Sandra taught us about the difference between juicing and blending, their health benefits, and of course tested out some recipes which to our astonishment were pretty tasty. Many of us were hesitant to try out the juices since they were made of combinations that may seem strange at first, but you have to try them to understand how good they were. In a juicer, juice a green apple, a couple of celery stalks, and 3 or 4 cucumbers. Next add a handful of mint leaves and 4 lemon halves into the juicer and enjoy a green drink that tastes as good as it makes you feel afterwards.

Later we enjoyed a short lunch where the ladies relaxed and enjoyed a hot meal in the breezy weather and then dessert in the form of fresh fruits to keep us on track with our healthy day.

We ended the day with a lingering though about how we all have this stored up positive energy that we can unlock and use for our benefit, but we just need to work towards unlocking it by investing the time to take care of our bodies both physically and mentally. We think that everyone should take the time to consider fitting in at least 10 minutes of meditation per day and cutting out on all the deceiving consumer goods.

Located at Heliopolis, Yalla yoga provides services ranging from different types of yoga classes to detoxifying and juicing workshops. For more information on their services call on 0127 866 3371.

Oysho stores in Cairo are located at City stars Center, Cairo Festival City Mall and Mall of Arabia. Check out their latest news and collections on Instagram at @oysho.

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