Rania Roushdy: Egypt’s First Wheelchair Using Model!

Rania roushdy is a 24 year old whose inspiring story has been featured all over news outlets recently. The beautiful, ambitious Egyptian young lady has a passion for fashion and modeling. And she’s not going to let being in a wheelchair stop her from pursuing that.

Not only this, but she also has a day  job, as she told Masr Alarabia, as an Information Coordinator at Al Hassan Foundation for the Differently Abled. She also works in making wedding accessories, in addition to her modeling career which she is working hard to kick off.

According to what she told Reuters, she doesn’t believe that people with disabilities are represented enough in fashion. Rania wants to change that, and we can’t wait for her to do so.

We’re very proud of Rania’s work and hope she makes it to the runway one day!

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