Outrageous Media Attack on Khaled Abol Naga

Yesterday, actor Khaled Abol Naga shared a video of himself expressing his discontent with the Egyptian government’s administration of the country. Abol Naga spoke up about the lack of achievement from President Sisi’s administration. This prompted media outrage both online and on television. 

Most of the media and government supporters’ response was tasteless and shameful. It is baffling that until this day, we live in a country where an opposing opinion is not only intolerable, but also used as solid grounds for persecution. All Abol Naga did was express his political views. Something anyone should be entitled to. He did so eloquently and without disrespect. However, he was vigorously attacked within hours of posting the video. This kind of response only weakens the regime’s standpoint. 

A stable government should not, and will not be threatened by opposition. And the journalists who took it upon themselves to slander an artist’s name should be ashamed. Even if you do not appreciate his art, or his political views, persecution over political views is not to be accepted. Unfortunately, we all found out yesterday that not only is it accepted, but celebrated here in Egypt.

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