Offended by Celebrities’ Social Media? Then Stop Following Them!

There’s no denying that we live in a hypocritical society. Thanks to social media, we can see just how bad it is. The internet and social media websites may have helped plenty of stars connect to their fans, and vice versa. However, the instant  feedback could get ugly. Not all those who go on celebrities’ Instagram accounts are fans. And those, plenty of times, only want to throw shade on whomever’s account they’re on!


It’s simply beyond us why some people will go on someone’s account to preach. After all, isn’t it better to look the other way? Those getting the worst of it are female singers and actresses. Here are 7 types of people that we are just tired of seeing on Instagram.



1- Those who recite a Quran Verse just to prove a point

Check out the above image, and tell us what’s wrong. Other than the fact that bint_ahmad22 claimed that Angham didn’t care about Sabah until she died, even though she has no means of knowing that. It’s the Quran verse! Seems like dodo_bella_ decided to remind Angham that she shouldn’t pray for Sabah. Not only that, but she did so by writing a holy verse on social media. She got backup from the commenter below, too.


2- The “I must show her how offended I am by her clothing!” type


Now here’s something that happens so many times and we don’t understand it. People will go to a certain artist’s account knowing they’re not exactly veiled, and complain about their outfits. There are plenty of examples for that. There is the captain obvious type like the one below.

Then there are those who will TELL them to cover up. Like the person who commented on this picture on Ghada Abdel Razek’s account.


And last, but not least, the ones who tell them that they don’t even look good! If you really dislike how she looks, why are you on her account?


3- The ones that decide to repent in the comment sections


They are exactly like the ones who click that they agree to view mature content then write “astaghfurAllah!” in the comments. The picture below on Horeya Farghaly’s account doesn’t even include mature content. Yet, they decided to view it, even though it offends their beliefs, and then write a comment to show her that they think she was the reason they feel sinful.


4- The ones that start Religious cyber wars


Fighting over religion on the Internet is pointless,  particularly when it’s on Instagram! Yet, we see it all the time and in the most unlikely places.



5- Those who are certain whether people will go to heaven or hell


This type of commenters surpass everyone else in pretentiousness and self-righteousness. They will comment on people’s posts with their final verdict, or at least an implication on whether they will be in heaven or hell.


6- The reason why tabloid newspapers exist


In short, the nosey type. The ones that feel entitled to private information. They are incidentally the same type that asks their friends and family how much they earn, if they’re planning on having children anytime soon and what color their underwear is.



7- The ones who will tell people how they should live their lives

We’ve recently all witnessed the ridiculous flame war on Mona Hala’s Instagram. Simply because she posted a picture of her and her boyfriend. Agree or disagree with her whatever it is she is doing, no one has the right to approve or disapprove of someone else’s lifestyle. Mona hurt no one when she moved in with her boyfriend, and no one should voice their opposition to something they have nothing to do with. Here’s a screenshot of the preaching Mona Hala received for her posts. Those people are the usually the ones who tell their friends and family how much they should earn, if they should have children or not, and what color their underwear should be.

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