Norshek Fawzy “Only love will heal the world, so our vow to you is love”


Norshek Fawzy is a lover of nature, a mother of two, and the founder of her ethically sourced, cruelty-free, low-waste, natural beauty products brand “Norshek”. She swims with Dolphins, finds Geckos cute, and Bees terrifying! With a vow to heal the world with love, Norshek has climbed its way to the top.


“We respect humans, we respect animals, we respect the environment” reads Norshek’s description of her brand. We sat down with her to know all about it!

Tell us how your vision for Norshek became a reality.

I’m the kind of person who likes to do many things. During my pregnancy with Tala in 2012, it hit me how scary it is to use harsh chemicals while growing a baby inside me. So, I started making my own.


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I used to spend hours in my kitchen making shampoos, conditioner, deodorants, moisturizers, burning Nabil’s armpits a few times here and there.  I knew nothing about chemistry back then, and I even gave up for 5 years, but I came back better and stronger!

My husband, who is also my partner was a huge part of it. I get scared when it comes to big dreams, and he well, he jumps right in!


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With his enthusiasm, we worked together on a brand name, a logo, and some mock up designs for products. Things really started rolling though when we found the right partner, Khaled Abd El Reheem, who’s a brother to both of us.

Which is your favorite product and why?

It has to be the Berry Berry Nice Conditioner Bar; it took us 2 years in R&D to develop it! I haven’t used another product for my hair since.


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What were the greatest challenges you faced when you first started out as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome them?

One that keeps lingering is having to raise my voice and shrink my smile to get a seat on the table with all the big boys. My second startup with my husband was The BootCamp in early 2011 (before fitness classes were so in) and you can try to imagine a big buff man being told how to exercise by a skinny blond woman. I had to shout and scream to be taken seriously. Same thing applies to discussing budgets, collaborations… you name it.

“I think I didn’t overcome it, I ignored it. I am who I am, if you don’t take me seriously, your loss!”

How did your interest in healthy living develop? When did you realize you wanted to make a career out of it?

I’ve always been interested in different types of healthy living. As a child it was sports, as a teenager it was specifically football, as a young adult it was fitness and nutrition then as a mom it became everything.

I had 3 startups in the fitness industry, and I thought that was my calling. Until that one night when Nabil had that light bulb moment for Norshek.

Your products are not only healthy, but also environmentally friendly. What prompted this decision?

My dad used to organize beach clean ups in the 90s, I remember going to remote islands in the Red Sea as a tiny human and helping around. It always stayed with me, and made me more conscious.

“Sustainability for the company is a pillar not a discussion.”

We founded it with the intention of showing our kids that an ethical, sustainable business is not just doable, but also enjoyable, fulfilling, and impactful.

Norshek family
Norshek with family

You are a serial entrepreneur. How did this shape you and impact your latest project?

I’ve learned so much from every startup we had. It has always been Nabil and I. For 10 years, we’ve founded, grown, and sold companies together. We’ve changed roles in every company depending on what it needed and we learned to enjoy mixing work and life.

“If there is one thing I learned from all these startups is differentiating between resilience and stubbornness. Knowing when to let go versus when to push forward.”

How, in your opinion, can powerful female entrepreneurs support each other?

 There is nothing more powerful than a woman who is proud of another woman and tells her story.

“We are not in a race against each other, we are all in this together, and together we can rise!”

Most Egyptian women have had to answer the question “Hanefra7 Biki Emta” before in reference to marriage, despite any accomplishments they may have already made, what would you say in response to that question?

First of all, I love the initiative, I’m very sensitive towards this and I am not sure why. It makes me angry when I see a woman being stripped of all her accomplishments and being judged on her marital status.

I remember my mom telling me once that “marriage isn’t the purpose of life” she always made sure I never seek relationships, I seek happiness.

So, I would respond with…

“Ana farhana b nafsy, 3o2balek.”

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