Norshek “I watch mosalsalat on my iPad while running on the treadmill”

A working mother of 2 and a fitness freak! With Ramadan comes Mosalsalat and dessert, how does she keep it all together during Ramadan; we find out!


How do you juggle Mosalsalat, working out and your kids?

I watch Mosalsalat on my ipad while running on the treadmill.

What’s your guilty pleasure during Ramadan?

Konafa bel manga, lots of it!

What’s harder for you; staying away from food or drinks?

Both, and cursing! But most of all, coffee.

What’s your favorite Ramadan dessert to make with the kids?

Stuffing atayef, it’s a safe way to have fun with the kids.

The worst habit that people do during Ramadan

Binge eating during iftar. People should have a pre-iftar meal, a few dates and a glass of milk is perfect.

How do you stay hydrated?

I stay away from salty foods and have yogurt before I sleep. Since Ramadan is during summer, trying to stay indoors as much a possible is a must.

Give us some tips for moms who want to work out and stay fit during Ramadan. How can you use your kids to help you do that?

If your child is still in a stroller, you can push the stroller as your run right before Iftar. Acro yoga is a very fun and effective way to include your kids. If the kids are getting in the way you can always work out in the living room while they watch TV.

What’s your favorite drink/food to break your fast?


Do you ever wish you were a kid again to fast “nos youm”

Yes! I haven’t fasted in 4 years due to pregnancy and breast feeding so I’m taking it slow this year. So I will start with nos youm and gradually get to full day.

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