Netflix to Release Its First Saudi Film Alkhallat+ on January 19th!

Alkhallat+ Netflix

Alkhallat+ is a dark comedy movie directed by Fahad Alammari, the movie gathers a group of Saudi actors and comedians. The latest Netflix film is a continuation of the beloved Saudi digital series Alkhallat. The series has gathered over 1.5 billion views over its 22 episodes on Youtube and social media. We were lucky enough to watch the premiere of Alkhallat+ at the second edition of the Red Sea Film Festival. In addition to that, we absolutely fell in love with the witty storytelling, the brilliant direction, the humor, and the talent of the actors. 

About the Film

The movie is divided into 4 stories. They all reflect everything that can go wrong in any situation. It also shows the extreme measures people use to fix these situations. Through the different themes Alkhallat+ tackles, we get to experience themes like family, friendship, death, and grief. Even though the movie is a dark comedy movie, its sentimentality will get through to you no matter what. 

One of the best things about Alkhallat+ is the amazing ensemble cast it has gathered. The film even features the original cast and creators of the digital series. The brilliant cast includes Mohammed Aldokhei, Ibraheem Alkhairallah, Abdulaziz Alshehri, Ibrahem Al Hajjaj, Sohayb Godus, Fahad Albutairi, Ziyad Alamri, and Ismail Al Hassan and is produced by Telfaz11. Alkhallat is the first movie produced by Telfaz11 with Netflix as part of an 8 picture-deal signed with Netflix in 2020. 

What Alkhallat+ Does

Alkhallat+ as a representation of witty and heartwarming comedy is a huge nod to good cinema. The choice of the ensemble cast, the attention to detail in the creation, and the simplicity and complexity of each performance are what made the movie what it truly is. It will not only stick with people because it is a good and fun watch. It will stick with its original fans because it maintained its heart and values. Alkhallat+ is an ode to the digital series that started it all but it’s also a huge door to seeing more of what true Saudi cinema can do. 

Alkhallat+ is a story, formed of so many little stories that grew over the years. To see that kind of work and craftsmanship grow into something as big as it is now while airing on a global platform like Netflix is something to be proud of. Alkhallat+ deserved the huge ovation it got at its premiere at the Red Sea Film Festival. It truly shows how much everyone appreciates the film and the people behind it. 

Wait for Alkhallat+ on January 19th on Netflix, and let us know what you think! 

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