Malaz Experience: From City Chaos to the Calm Countryside

Dina ElBatal Malaz

Dina ElBatal is an explorer, a lover of nature and Flamingos, and a passionate soul. Dina ElBatal has worked in the food manufacturing business for 22 years until she decided to begin her own project; Malaz Experience. She is also a mother of two and wife to Ahmed ElMofty who is the founder of Kom ElDikka Agri Lodge in Fayoum, where the artistic experience of Malaz takes place. 

We sat down with Dina to know more about her initiative! 

Tell us about Malaz, how would you describe it?

“Malaz” is of Arabic origin, meaning haven or safe place. It is a free art platform that aims to provide a happy & authentic learning experience, surrounded by nature and infused with live music. Malaz is a feeling of inner joy that you experience through art, nature, and music.

Malaz Experience

What inspired you to found Malaz?  

I found refuge in Tunis Village for the past 10 years. Fayoum has a special energy. Living in that mindset reminds you of how simple and peaceful life should be. I want to share this experience within a group setting.

I wish to create a memorable experience that helps people unwind and de-stress.

Walk us through a full Malaz experience. How would it benefit people?

Malaz is a 2-day experience, each with a different theme. We aim to explore different art forms. For example; In our photography experience named “What you see, is what you see.” We will walk around Tunis Village, explore the countryside, and venture on Desert excursions. For the Cooking Experience, we will be learning about our ingredients and picking our own vegetables. We will learn about cooking, grilling, and baking from nature within nature. At the end of each experience, we will be infused with a live music performance.


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Why do you think Egypt needs an initiative like Malaz?

We need to acknowledge that Egypt is a very complex, but beautiful Country.

Amid the city chaos, people tend to forget the beauty and authenticity of the Egyptian countryside.

Egypt needs more initiatives or platforms that encourage people to go back to nature, and get out of their comfort zone and explore new hobbies.

What are your future aspirations for Malaz? And What’s next for you? 

For Malaz, I hope to include longer experiences that can also include moms and their children. Personally, I am happy to be starting the Malaz experience, and see it organically grow.

Stay tuned for more of Malaz in the future and see more of it here!

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