King of the Ring: a Heartfelt Journey of an Aspiring Wrestler

King of the Ring

We attended King of the Ring at the 2nd edition of the Red Sea Film Festival and it was an absolute treat to end the night with. The film is directed by Mohammed Saeed Harib. It stars a brilliant wide range of actors like Yasin Ghazzawi, Mohamed Lotfy, Salma Abu-deif, Hakeem Jomah, Faisal AlKurdi, and Shadi Alfons who were able to win the audience in the first 5 minutes. The film is a witty, funny, and wholesome tribute to sports films. It took over the audience’s hearts and made them feel hopeful for a normal guy who is relatable and passionate. 

About the Film

King of the Ring follows the story of Mus’ab; a guy who doesn’t know his place in the world and doubts himself a lot. People always brought down Mus’ab’s spirit. Whether it was his brother or his coaches, he never really had anyone believe in him before. In a brave moment, Mus’ab decides to wrestle to fulfill his lifelong dream along with his father’s. So, he goes and seeks the help of a tempered Egyptian coach that is brilliantly played by Mohamed Lotfy. Then, we follow Mus’ab journey and gamble on whether he’s gonna make it or not. 

What we Loved

What is so beautiful about King of the Ring is the warmth it reflects from the screen. The movie is light and funny, allowing the audience to understand and connect with it. Mus’ab is a simple guy with so much potential who just lacked the confidence to fulfill what he wanted. I think that is why King of the Ring strung a chord with a lot of people. It is because Mus’ab is in all of us. We all sometimes feel defeated, unworthy, and scared of starting something new. However, we know that if we had a tiny bit of courage, we will truly be able to achieve what we want. 

The film is brilliantly cast. The entire mix between the Saudi and Egyptian cast gives the entire film the perfect amount of humor and talent. Mohamed Lotfy was the perfect choice for the coach as he embodied his character in a way that was incredibly believable, funny, and sarcastic, reflecting that true Egyptian humor. 

Sports films are always a great choice on any night. They are hopeful, warm, and sometimes very funny. King of the Ring is the perfect balance between all of these elements. If you need a good laugh with a little bit of hope and validation on top, then King of the Ring is the perfect choice for you. 

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